Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Should we go or just send Money?

Here is a letter I received from a young man that I got to know in Central Asia. He is not yet a Christian, but is very close. He has a soft heart. When people talk about just sending the money, and not the people, this is the type of letter I like to refer to.

Hi John!I was glad to get a message from you.I miss you and think about you as well.Glad to hear that I was a help to you during your time, and I'd love to be again. Glad that you are doing well and helping people there. Praise God that there are people like you who have a heart for people that need help. Your ministry here was incredible; you came here from there and worked, cleaned and served others instead of having fun. Before that I thought that foreigners just visited and were sponsors. I am looking forward to your coming. Hope that God will bring you here.