Monday, October 24, 2022

A trip over the mountain

Great day today .. the guys went for coffee while the ladies met with a group of women , then we took our Bishkek peeps bowling and out for dinner . 


Saturday, October 22, 2022

A good thing or a bad thing

 Today we had a great picnic in the mountains  with about 70 guests . Some of the guests were families that we are giving coal to this year .. this is a good thing .. But here is the bad thing .. when you are welcomed into their homes , you are opened up to see so many further needs .. like this family here .. 5 little kids and with winter just days away, they are in need of winter clothes and boots .. 

We do not have the budget for this but we do have a small team here that could help us with the shopping if anyone would like to help with this , it will likely be around $50 per child , or $250 for all five 

After the picnic and ready to start delivering coal .

Logan loved the eagle 

Around 70 people under the veranda or some incredible ploff by Ravil

The families loved the knitting 

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

A day in Bishkek

We took a morning trip over the mountain and found a little weather along the way.  

I had a drs appointment , still dealing with muscle and joint problems as a fall out from COVID , but it is getting better . 

We came a little early so we could meet with the breakfast club kids 

We met up with some others as well .. Julie was blessed with some lovely flowers

A follow up on the truck needing new batteries.  We were so thrilled that we had the need met and were able to get bring the driver over to give home the funds .. 


Today we will do some shopping to get ready for a team coming on Friday .. back on the farm the boys are getting started in a few projects .. they are fixing some ramps and bridges along the walk ways to be wheel chair ready , also we have a storage room that we are renovating so we have another room for guests. 

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Blessings all around

All loaded up and the truck won't start . The big truck belongs to a man in our village and he helps us out with the coal. We can not get the big  tuck into the little streets and we can only hold enough coal for two families in our truck . This driver wants to help so he only charges about 1/2 of the going rate.  We loaded up the truck the night before but come morning it would not start . It has two large batteries that are both at the end of their life.  We would really like to bless him with a couple batteries .. this would be about $300 if anyone understands this need and would like to help that would be great . 

Loading up and ready to go 

This is the truck parked in town where we are shuttling back and forth from . we can fit two families coal at a time in the small truck . 

Proof that I carried at least one bag . Just enough to get dirty , Then let the youngins take over . 

With each delivery we also gave a bag of groceries .  I can talk about it and share the pictures , but they do not do justice ... Standing there first hand and seeing the impact that this has and the utter relief when people experience the blessing of this coal ... it is overwhelming 

Back on the farm , this years honey has started to arrive and we have started to bottle it.  10 bottles done, 310 to go.

They were busy in the guest house sorting mits, hats, slippers , scarves and blankets to get them into the hands of those who could use them best . 

Supper was all hands on deck . Beat salad and Borsolk 

Butter nut squash.

smashed baby new potatoes with cheese and garlic , and nut crusted curried chicken 

We had some special guests as well who sure loved being entertained while supper was on the go. 


Wednesday, October 05, 2022

The blessings continue

The seed drive this spring continues to bring huge returns .  $20 purchased a family all the seeds for their gardens as well as a few weeks worth of groceries .. All summer long I have been getting photos of the produce .  One family wanted us to see what they harvested TODAY.. What a blessing this is to see how such a small seed in the right hands can turn into so much . 

Its not just the seeds that are blessing families right now.  The boys are busy on the farm bagging coal to get ready for this weeks deliveries .  The truck just got a new water pump and is ready for a few very busy weeks. ..