Monday, September 25, 2006

PTL Guyana will be getting a new PAIR of shoes

That did not take long. We have money in place to buy a new leg for our friend Guyana. Arrangements have been made with Lenya, and when she returns to town, she will take Guyana the capital city to be fitted for a new leg. A group of our brothers and sisters from Millbrook rallied around and met this need . $100 for the leg $100 for the fitting, and $100 for the day trip to the capital city clinic ( & a couple new PAIRS of shoes).

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Espanola Meets the Village

(Kids from the Village Children's Home enjoying a day of sun and fun at the Lake )
The last two weeks, Central Asia was graced to have Roger Pilon and Kelly Deschamps from Queensway Pentecostal Church in Espanola visit and minister in the Village Children's Home. They did a tremendous job of connecting with the kids and workers, fixing up a new shower room, providing 13 new bicycles (amazingly assembled from near scratch!) and treating everyone to a day at the lake. Everyone here enjoyed their presence immensely!
(Kelly working late in his mobile bike assembly shop)
Over the past year or so that I've been visiting the village, I've noticed a huge change in the kids. When I first met them, they were mostly indifferent with anyone coming from outside. Gradually, they've become more and more friendly, smiling, shaking hands and giving hugs.
Emotionally, they are becoming much more open too. On Roger and Kelly's last day as they were saying goodbye, a majority of the kids were crying uncontrollably as they hugged their visitors for one last time. I've NEVER seen them this way before! As sad as the event was, I was so encouraged by what I saw in these kids and their development. The love of God IS changing them!
Mike M.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Leg Up, Une Jambe En haut, Нога выше

(Vous souvenez-vous de cet homme ? (voir postings de l'octobre de 2005) son Nom est Guyana et il était le destinataire d'une maison transforment l'année dernière. Sur l'avion sur la voie à la maison, j'ai regardé le ED et ai dit que "je crois que nous avons manqué l'évident" ici nous avons réépluché sa maison parce que Guyana a une jambe seulement... Donc nous pouvons l'acheter une nouvelle Jambe. Je me suis assis avec Lena ce soir et ai demandé combien pour une nouvelle jambe.
$100 pour la Jambe et $100 pour l'essayage et l'excursion de jour dans la Ville clé de la Capitale Ville...... celui que je fouille..... C'est $200 .

Do you remember this man?
see postings from Oct 2005) His Name is Guyana, and he was the recipient of a home make over last year. On the plane on the way home, I turned to Ed and said " I think we missed the obvious" here we fixed up his home because he only has one leg... So lets bye him a Leg. I sat with Lena tonight and asked how much for a new leg. It seemed out of reach for her, $100 for the Leg and $100 for the fitting, and a one day trip to the Capital city ......Guess what I am looking for .....That's right $200.

Вы помните этого человека? (см. регистрацию с октября 2005), Его зовут Гьяна, и это был адресат дома, передача в прошлом году. Самолетом на пути домой, я поворачивался к Эду и сказал, что "я думаю, что мы прошли очевидный", здесь мы восстановили его дом, потому что это только имеет одну ногу ..., позволяет, покупают его нога. Я сидел с Линодж сегодня вечером и спросил сколько относительно новой ноги. Это казалось вне досягаемости для нее, 100 $ для Ноги и 100 $ для приспособления, и одной однодневной поездки к Столице Столица ...... предположение, что я ищу..... Это - правильные 200 $.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Un Nouveau Coup d'oeil... A New Glance ...Новый Взгляд

Если Вы следовали за этим блог, Вы признаете мое опрометчивое игнорирование основных принципов английского языка. Старт сегодня я расширю мои горизонты.!!!

Si vous avez suivi ce blog, vous reconnaîtrez mon indifférence imprudente pour le fondement de la langue anglaise. Le commencement aujourd'hui j'élargirai ma cible.!!!

If you have been following this blog, you will recognize my reckless disregard for the fundamentals of the English language. Starting today I will broaden my horizons .!!!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Visas a No Go

Well it's official and we have delivered the bad news to our friends in XXXXXX, the visas are a no go. We have been offered humanitarian visa invitations for half the team, and the other half would have to get tourist visas. Un fortunately this still does not guarantee the visa. You only find out if you are excepted after you pay your visa fee. The other problem is to go under false pretences does not sit well with us.
Although this is difficult for the workers in XXXXXX, there is so much to do in Central Asia. It is also a much more open country, and safer for the team. The projects that we committed to in XXXXXX will still be completed, we will send a small "landing party" in to XXXXXX to take our workers out for dinner, tour the many works there, and bring the finances raised. So here we are six weeks away and it's back to the fund raising as we can't arrive in Central Asia empty handed.
Well God knows, and he always provides.

But just in case it's you he is speaking to,..... We can issue tax reciepts!