Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Where do you start ?

supply depot set up
Tomorrow is the beginning of match week . Although we have dreams of seeing our entire years operating budget covered by this time next week, I have to take a moment and stray. My heart and my mind should be here preparing for a busy week, but in reality, My heart is with my Bothers in Osh right now. Sergey and our friend are busy on the ground in one of the worst periods of Kyrgyzstans history. They contacted me a short time ago with dreadful stories of the things that they have seen .
There first stop, even before the aid trucks started to arrive was what you might think was an unexpected one. Let me explain. First I have to share that the friend that Sergey is traveling with on this trip is a Russian Pentecostal pastor. They were met at the airport by a Kyrgyz Baptist pastor, and they were taken directly to the Uzbeck Muslim Mosk. They were welcomed in . They shared that they were from the north and had come to help.. they were brought in and told the horror stories of the previous few weeks.. They shared together.. they hugged each other, and they cried together ... And together they will deliver aid to those that are in the greatest need.
There are many differences that we can find if we look deep enough, but it is at times like this that I feel so blessed to be partnering with organizations that do not get all caught up in race or religion, but focus on the needs ... "Pure Religion is to visit the widows and the orphans in their time of need" and that is what we are seeing here.
The next stop was to the school to assess the damages there and to get a room ready to receive the shipments so that they can be sorted and redistributed from there as needed . It is clear that with such a wide swath of destruction, that this effort is going to be a long one. So this trip for our team is more then just a one time deal, but they are working to set up a supply line that will be in place to receive future shipments of aid as well... In fact our Friend Talant is preparing for the next shipment right now, and will be heading to JalalaBad on Friday to assess the needs in that area..Meanwhile back at the ranch, If you would like to be part of the relief effort, you can find out more information HERE over at iam1ru .
Meeting to organize aid drops Pastor S. listening to the stories shared by his new friends
New friends coming together for one purpose .

Trying to figure out where to start will be one of the hardest tasks

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Corporate sponsors wanted

I was just looking on one of those sites that tells you the value of your blog for advertising purposes, and apparently actofkindness is actually worth something ... and that got me thinking .

If you notice the sign on the top right side of the blog... that spot is for rent. hahaha... No really why not consider a corporate sponsorship.. At this point, we can not rule out anything.... with in reason..

So here is the way it works... If you make a donation, and you are a business, send me your Logo to and I will add your logo to a slide show that will appear in that spot for one year. Do it during match week, July 1st till the 7th and your donation will go twice as far, those donations will get 2 slides in the show.

Maybe you know a business that might be interested .. let them know...

I guess I should likely add this. , I do reserve the right to not place adds that may be offensive to others.

A long way to go and a short time to get there .

I received an update from Kyrgyzstan this morning. I don't know what it is about this that I found so emotional, but I could not hold back the tears. I guess the fact that the people in the Valley have so little. The country has been in a state of crisis for so long, and the average family is struggling to make a living. In this time of need, they have some how managed to pull together so much to send to their fellow countrymen in the south.. Uzbek and Kyrgy alike.. to them it makes no difference... They know that there are people that are worse off, and they are taking everything that they can get their hands on and sending it south. The truck is packed, and the police escort has arrived, and they are on their way... Sergey and Sasha will board a plane in the morning, and be in Osh to meet the convoy when it arrives... Talant and the second convoy will be joining them next week... I am not sure what transpired that Sergey was off before Talant, but I am sure they know... All along the Valley , they stopped and loaded up supplies... I see things like Aigoola's blankets and mattresses being loaded up as well

Meanwhile they continue to provide a safe place to stay for Families from the south like an Uzbek family that spent sleepless nights in their neighbours basement with no food, until it was safe enough to escape to the north. ( photo was here, but I have decided to remove it for now)

Aid has been gathered up and is being moved to the drop off location

Blankets and mattresses

I see vehicles here belonging to several different organizations... all doing their part

In Bishkek they stop to pick up the flour and oil and other necessities that Jengish and his friends have been gathering

Even the men from the rehabilitation centre are on hand to help load the truck

Children we first met in the orphanages are doing their part as well ...

and this next picture will blow you away... Even Jengish is putting his back into it.....

Time for a little lunch break ... look at all that rice ...

People with so little ... doing so much !

Sergey will continue to track the movement of these goods, and be with them until they are delivered into the hands of those who need them the most. We have contacts ready to meet them when they arrive, and start the delivery Please continue to remember them over the next few weeks... that they would be lead to the right place to help, and that they would be given safe travel.

Sergey has my small pocket camera..they have been told that they will not be allowed to take photo's in the south, and if caught they will lose their camera's so he will bring my cheep one so that if caught it will not be so hard to swallow... but hopefully we will still have the camera when we get there next month.

Just a little reminder ... match week starts in two days... as you can imagine... We are going crazy here with so much to be done there... please help us get back to work

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Do it Anyway

This last season has been a difficult one for us. It is hard to see such destruction in a country we love so much. We have been trying to get our heads around it all as I am sure so many others are. So much does not make sense to us. At the same time, we are always facing off with those who are quick to say, " You have no business being their in the first place, " or " What are you doing bringing your family into a place like that. "
There a couple things that I really want to emphasise here... The first is what for me is the smaller reasoning, or supporting argument if you will... Kyrgyzstan is the last hold out of Democracy in Central Asia. The Government their struggles constantly to keep it that way. As such, they are very important allies to us in the war against Terrorism, no one is arguing the importance of maintaining a bass there. I guess the argument comes down to how we help Kyrgyzstan itself. Many feel that the aid should be delivered on a government to government level. This works well to keep favor with the government of the day, but as we have seen with the last regime, it does little to bring hope to the people themselves... I feel that now more then ever we need to be providing aid on a person to person level.. What we are seeing unfold right now is evidence of a people that have been in a place of desperation for too long.. They have no hope in a future, and their past has been full of sorrow and disappointment... It is easy to see how they could be stirred up to a place or irrational thought .
The work in Kyrgyzstan has gone far beyond a few groups of do gooders there to " make a difference" , but I believe that in the weeks and months ahead, it is going to be those small grass routs organizations that are going to be able to bring stability to the region. There are a couple ways to do this, one is with guns and more violence, and the other is to restore hope and dignity... I choose the latter.
The other reason we will forge ahead is one that others may have a harder time understanding.. It is because that is what we are to do. We have known for a long time now that we are to return at this time. Long before there were any major political problems and long before the riots..we knew that we were to go.. All along, we knew in our spirits that there was a time of turmoil coming. We knew that we were on a schedule that was not in our control. I shared in the spring how we have felt all along that one of the reasons that we are in KG is to help to get the NGO's , both national and Internationale's working together. We felt that a time would come where they would need to work together... I believe that time is now.
Everyone we work with now is mobilizing , and sending teams to the south to deliver humanitarian aid... Many that we love dearly, and consider them as family, are preparing to head south... We have our first relief convoy leaving in two days, with Talant in the lead. Sergey and Anya have a group ready to pull out the next week , and I know of several others on the move. They have one thing in mind right now and that is to restore hope and dignity to the region. We all know that with hundreds of thousands of refugees and homeless , this is not going to be over in a couple weeks... this is going to be a long process.
This is not something that we can run from, it is something that we need to run to. We are called there for a time such as this, and this is the time that we are called for .
We need your help, and with match week starting in a few days, now is our opportunity to get budgets met, and get on with the task at hand. please help us get back to our friends .
We heard this song today, and I liked the lyrics and thought you might appreciate them.
You can spend your whole life buildin'
Something from nothin'
One storm can come and blow it all away
Build it anyway

You can chase a dream
That seems so out of reach
And you know it might not ever come your way
Dream it anyway

God is great
But sometimes life ain't good
And when I pray
It doesn't always turn out like I think it should
But I do it anyway
I do it anyway

This world's gone crazy
It's hard to believe
That tomorrow will be better than today
Believe it anyway

You can love someone with all your heart
For all the right reasons
In a moment they can choose to walk away
Love 'em anyway

God is great
But sometimes life ain't good
And when I pray
It doesn't always turn out like I think it should
But I do it anyway
Yeah - I do it anyway

You can pour your soul out singing
A song you believe in
That tomorrow they'll forget you ever sang
Sing it anyway
Yea, sing it anyway
Yeah, yeah!

I sing
I dream
I love

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Arrived in Krivoy Rog safe and sound

I spoke to the girls a little while ago. They had a great trip down to Krivoy Rog. the thought that the train was pretty cool. They had a 4 person sleeper on a 10 hour over night trip. We bought an extra ticket so that they would not have to share with anyone.. that worked well.. it gave them an extra bunk to pile all their bags and stuff.
There first day in Krivoy Rog, they got settled and orientated. They are staying at a guest house that a friend of ours has for when teams are in town. Tonight When I called they were in Church... boy was it loud... pour Emma does not like to talk on a phone, I can just imagine how excited she was to get a call from me in the middle of a service... hopefully she had it on vibrate.
Tomorrow they are heading to the orphanage to get started working there with the kids.
it is about a 35 or 40 minute walk to the Internet Cafe, and we left the laptop in Kyrgyzstan. Tomorrow morning Emma will check out if she can by a cheep little laptop there, if not, Lynn and Ruby from Lamb are heading for Kiev tomorrow night, and I will buy them a cheep one and send it over... what we spend on the lap top, we will likely save on phone bills... Emma will be running out of memory on the camera , as well I need to get some update photo's soon.
We have made some adjustments to our letters and up dates , we were waiting till we knew for sure if they were coming before getting them out... Most of you reading this will have got a letter in the last few hours telling about our plans and reminding everyone about the match week . Hopefully we will have some photo's from our girls soon to show everyone.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The show must go on.

Well the show must go on... The girls are now working on videoing everything that they wanted to share here in Canada, and we will continue our schedule. It will not be the same with out them, and we are disappointed but one day we will understand what has happened. In a few hours they will board the over night train for Krevaroge for the 10 our trip.

So the next big day... do you remember... JULY 1 Till JULY 7 is match week. every dollar sent will be matched up to one years budget. and remember we will start the week off with a picnic fundraiser done Kyrgyz style... I guess it means that I will be doing the cooking not the girls.

I was talking to them this morning before they begin a new adventure, and they wanted to thank everyone themselves.

My dear brothers and Sisters,
Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to go to Canada. it was God's will that we didn't go, but we are going to Krivoy Rog to help a girl there. I like this idea. For a long time I have dreamed of helping in an orphanage and now my dream is being fulfilled. I am happy for what you have done for me. I can't write how happy I am that you helped me. I will try very hard to justify your work
your lovely daughter Aipery

Thank you so much for supporting me and helping me to go to kyrgyzstan. I was hoping to bring my friends Apery and Altynai home with me for the summer so that you could meet them and see what incredible girls they are, but God had a different plan. Now we are on a new adventure and I know that since everyone worked so hard to try to bring them to Canada, it could only have been God who closed that door. Please pray for us and our trip to Krivoy Rog.
Thank you,

Dear Friend,
I want to thank you for your great job that you have done for me. I appreciate your help and I see how much you love me and I want to say the same, that I love you. I was praying for this trip to come to Canada but I also was thinking about whatever it will be I will accept it because God knows what's better for us. We will spend a beautiful summer helping a young lady in Krivoy Rog to work in the orphanages. I know that John is still working on our visas and I keep praying for this. But most of all I want to say thank you that God made us to know each other. Thank you for your love and supporting us. I will pray for you.
With best wishes,

Did you know about this ?

Andrea & Michael’s family has been separated for nine months. She’s in Ghana with
their adopted twin boys, he’s at home with their son.
TERRIE began her adoption proceedings for her Liberian daughter Claudia three years ago. Despite adoption approvals, Claudia’s visa application was denied; however, Terrie won the appeal six months ago and still no communication or visa from Canadian High Commission. JENN & SETH began their proceedings seven years ago to adopt his four Ghanaian nieces. In 2005 they were awarded full adoption orders by the Ghanaian government. In five years the Canadian High Commission in Ghana has neither denied the girl’s visas nor uncovered fraud with respect to the application nor provided any reasons for the delay—much longer and the oldest of the girls will ‘age out’ of the system.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More Bewilderment

OK so in case you thought I was making stuff up, you need to read some of the troubles that these parents are having ......


Well I guess it is time to move on to plan B. But before we do, I want to give you a little update as to what seems to be happening.
The girls made it out of Kyrgyzstan with no troubles.. The airport security and the passport control was very nice to them and there was no trouble... When they reached the Moscow airport, they were met by a friend of a friend that was able to help them in the terminal transfer, and to the departure gate, he even gave them a phone to call back to Talant to assure every one that they were OK. Then when they landed in Kiev, they had a special VIP greeting that assisted them through the passport control, helped them with their bags, and brought them to Ed, who had a wonderful room for them to stay.
Then they went to the Canadian Embassy and the wheels fell off... They waited from 7am till about noon, paid there fee, and were promptly told No. None of their supporting documents were read, and no interview was granted... The person who did this was not a Canadian , and had only been hired by the embassy to work the front lines. We made some calls and it was suggested that we re apply... provide even more documents..this time focusing on the need for Canadians to have them here ... as well they were given a private number of someone from our MP's office that would speak to the agent if they had difficulties.
Once again they stood in line at 7 am, and once again, they were rejected...again, none of their documents were read, none of the many support letters , representing several thousand Canadian Citizens nor the letter from a member of Parliament ... they were not even allowed to call for help, and they were told that they don't care what some member of Parliament thinks... the answer is no... and once again no interview..and once again they never got to see a Canadian.

So the problem appears to be this... in an attempt to make sure that front line visa workers were not cowersed, they have been given an incredible power, in fact it appears that even Government ministers do not have the power to over turn their decisions... then if that was not bad enough, what I would imagine was a cost saving measure, the front line workers in our Embassy's have been replaces by nationals from what ever country they are in... this has left Canada's entire Visa and Immigration in the hands of NON Canadians who are not answerable to anyone. ! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT !

I sure would not have believed it, but I have witnessed first hand the incredible amount of work and passion that My member of Parliaments staff have put into this... they have gone above and beyond, working every angle that they can think of, and still there is no movement. I came away from the office yesterday with real mixed emotions... I wanted to have the utmost respect for my representatives office staff for everything that they are doing and continue to do, and at the same time, I am so angry at a system that is so incredibly broken. For years now I have heard people complaining about some of the dangerous criminal types that some how manage to get back into Canada over and over, and I have to ask myself , "Is it any wonder when that decision is not in the hands of Canadian Citizens..."

Now I would love it if I got a phone call or a letter explaining to me how I am wrong in my understanding of the situation, but that would mean that there was someone that could do something and that we have just been lied to... and that my friends would be enough to put me over the top.

The girls may not make it home now, and may have to spend there summer working in the orphanages in the Southern Ukraine, but It will not end here.. As I have researched this more I have heard of cases of Canadians who have adopted internationally, and because the worker in what ever country, who was not a Canadian was not in favor of international adoption, the visa was declined .. I am not sure, but I think that this is an issue that I could see easily becoming an election issue... especially if I put a little wind in it's sails... Hummmm

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day

Happy fathers day to all you fathers out there. I hope you have a great day. I got a nice shirt from Benjamin, a couple things from Bekah and I phone call from Emma and the girls in Kiev.
Fathers day has , for a long time now, had a bit of an edge to it. Since the passing of my own father, I have found it to be a day that I reminisce that much more. I can remember about 10 years ago telling myself that I needed to make a conscious effort to be happy on this day.. Funny that a day that is designed to make you happy is a day that requires effort. I realized that for the sake of my kids, and so that they would have the same fond memories I had, I needed to put out the effort... I have three wonderful kids that I am so proud of. I am not sure if I have shared this before, but there was a time about 14 of 15 years ago that we were considering adoption. We were not certain if we should adopt, or if we should be available foster parents for sibling groups... While we were trying to decide, we forged ahead with the classses and home studies. We passed everything, and jumped through all the hoops, and came to the place where we needed to make the final decision which way we would go. We were seeking and waiting for clarification on this... That Sunday night we had a special speaker come visit. He was a very old and very wise man. He almost seemed so old that you would wonder if he was following everything that was going on... We Spoke to him that night.. we told him that we had an important decision that we needed to make.... He began to speak, asking for direction as to which of these two paths we were to follow.. then suddenly he stopped and looked up at us... He told us that we were to go no further with this, and that neither was an option.. he said that we were not to be parents to just one or two more, but that there would be hundreds that would call us Mom and Dad.
Like I had said, today I had a phone call from Emma to wish me a happy Fathers day , but she was the last one on the phone after her two "sisters"... Last Chirstmas you all helped us celebrate Christmas for over 2000 of our kids . Now there are probably only about 200 of them that I know well, only about 100 I could name... and truthfully, only about 50 that I could name without having to think about it, but that's not bad since right now we only have Embekah at home while Bekema is away...hahaha...
I know how this can be a hard time for me, then I imagine what this day means for these kids that may have been abused , neglected, abandoned ... I have heard stories that I could never publish.. yet for them when they think of Fathers day , they can think past all that, and get on the phone and say happy Fathers day... we love you Dad .. thank you for being our father... I guess you never know really what kind of impact you are having ...
At the same time I remember little ones like Sophia who after all these years,
I can not even get her to look at me... Maybe one day she will understand a Fathers love...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Canada Day / match week party Party


Thursday July 1st... Remember that date ..? Do you remember what special thing is happening on that date..?. That's right .. it's the kick off of our match week.... everything that is donated to the Wright Stuff for our return to Kyrgyzstan will be matched $ for $ read more here .

There is something else that is special about that date... it is Canada day.

We thought that a great way to kick off the Match week would be to have a Canada day picnic... and do it up Kyrgyz style... We are still believing that the mountains will be removed, and Altynai and Aiperie will be here, and it will give a great opportunity for you to have a good visit with them in a fun and relaxed way.

The party will officially run from 1-4 ...everyone welcome!

if you need more information, call us at 705-639-1307 or drop us a line at

We look forward to seeing you there .

Friday, June 18, 2010

Cautiously Optimistic

I know that so many have been wondering and worrying about our girls . By now I had hoped that they would be settling in to some sort of routine here in Canada, and ready to begin a busy schedule of sharing and raising awareness for their country . It seems like now more then ever they have an important storey to tell, and now more then ever we need to be able to get back to Kyrgyzstan to assist with the humanitarian aid relief...
The storey that they want to tell is of the impact that the support of so many has made to those that they know. The reality that they want to share it that the current unrest is not just upsetting , but earth shattering to the vast majority of Kyrghyz... the un rest is isolated to a very small group in a very small region of their country... The question in every ones mind is "How could this have happened..?" Quite simply, I would say that it is a result of years of oppression, and years of destitute poverty, and the tole that those two things can take on a person..
When the girls reached the Embassy for there visa's on Thursday morning, they were turned down right away... the agent did not have to look past the cover application to see that they were Kyrgyz, and that was all it took... they were turned down... no review of their documentation, not interview... just simply turned down... Right away we have begun collecting letters of support for them, service clubs, business associations , churches, and private individuals , all sharing the importance of this visit from the girls.. We have contacted our member of Parliament. They had given an original letter of support, and were surprised of the decision... they have been wonderful, and have taken this mater further for us... Monday morning they will return to the Embassy armed with a dozen more pages of documents, and a cell phone with the number of a very highly placed government official that will try to shed some light on the situation if necessary. We are cautiously optimistic at this point. I try not to sound to positive... These girls have had such lives of disappointment , it is almost natural to them... it should not be that way, and some were they need to catch a break... They have a storey to tell

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Match week Challange


What is so special about this week ... It is the specific week that we need your support.... let me explain... We have a sponsor that has been instrumental in many of the most incredible projects that we have taken on in Central Asia.. Always her timing has been impeccable, and her ideas and support have impacted in ways that we will never be able to completely measure, but when ever I here from her, I KNOW that something big and something powerful is about to happen.... here is a letter we just receive from her.

Hi John
Here is the thought I had the other day...and felt it was confirmed Sunday . The message was titled "I believe in God...but trust in money" Obviously the message focused on how we hold too tightly onto "our" money and that we do not give as He would. The line that jumped out at me was that when you love fully you "give irrationally."

So here is my thought: idea is... lets do a matching gift challenge. whatever you collect in a week we will match. We are willing to give irrationally. If you receive a crazy amount we may need to space out some payments but we will match it up to what it takes to have you guys funded at $62,000. By doing this, not only will He will be showing us how we are supposed to be helping you. But You get to encourage others to give irrationally

"When you love fully you give irrationally... " what a challenge...

When we worked out our budget for the year, I must admit that I was a little concerned. If I am being honest, facing the task of raising the budget, so we can return full time was overwhelming most days. However, we know that if we are going to continue to be effective, we cannot be bogged down with basic operating expenses, we need to be clear, and focused on the needs of the people we are supporting. It is not enough to just be in Kyrgyzstan, but we need the finances in place to keep us there doing what PI does fulfill the simple dreams of the hurting, helpless and hopeless. This “matching funds” week will be a tremendous help to us.

Please take a couple weeks between now and July 1st and determine just how irrational you can be. Please consider bunching up your years donations, and making them on that week. We all work very hard to be good stewards of finances, and this is an opportunity to literally multiply our giving, but only if it happens during the week of July 1 to the 7th. Just think how much more could be accomplished if we took advantage of this incredible opportunity.
Hey not only that, but all donations are tax deductible, which means that you will even get some of it back! How great is that!
So remember ... July 1st it all begins!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A day on the town!

The girls are safe and sound in Kiev.. in fact Ed tells me they are having the time of their lives . Today they are spending the day with Eds assistant, another wonderful young girl . They are touring the sites in Kiev. They will visit the cathedrals and the monuments ... I can just imagine the wonderment for a girl like Aiperi who had never dreamed of life outside her little village...
Tomorrow they head to the Canadian embassy to apply for their visa's... please remember them.
I was just talking to friends in Kyrgyzstan.. the friends that they work with in Osh and Jallabad were evacuated in the middle of the night last night, and they are safe in the north... they are thinking that in a few weeks things will be stable again and they will be able to return... the difficult thing now is to figure out how to deliver aid effectively. They are thinking that for the next few weeks it will be best to leave that to the big fish the US and Russian military as well as UN and Red cross. They are sure that in a few weeks there will be a lot of opportunity to move back south and set up aid at that point.
We have been following the situation very closely from several different angles, and have been a bit frustrated that there is not more that we can do , but I think that our friends have the right idea... we just need to be ready and wait....

Monday, June 14, 2010

Beginning a Life Changing Experience .

A few hours ago, the girls sat down in their seats on the plane to begin what will be an incredible adventure and life changing experience. Music would be playing quietly in the back ground, they would be given pillows , blankets, and some juice... maybe a little snack and a hot moist face cloth to wash their hands and face....even economy class is the height of luxury...

They are not the only ones that left Kyrgyzstan last night .. approximately 75 000 others were on a life changing experience as well... who was there to offer them a blanket or pillow.. did they get a nice glass of juice and a moist towel ? All across the country, their is outrage over what is happening in the south . The new government is trying desperately to control the mobs that are for the most part fueled by political powers from the past in an atempt to destabilize the government . I have heard from several of our friends that are trying to get relief to the families in the South ... but have not yet established a secure method of delivering aid...

With this senseless killing going on in the south, its significance easily draws the focus, yet all over the country, there is a constant edge to life. In the last couple weeks, with in a couple block's alone of our apartment, many of the land markes have been destroyed... Three gas stations , our favorite restaurant and the new shopping centre have all been bombed.

Please remember the people of Kyrgyzstan , those that have lost so much... those that are working to help their fellow citizens, the government who is trying so hard to rebuild a shattered nation, and bring it peace.. but most of all right now remember the widows and orphans in their time of need ...

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Three hours before the girls were scheduled to depart, we got word that the airport and the borders were closing ... but we just got word that they all made it through the first boarder crossing...

I am shaken by the stark reminder of the situation ... As we rejoice, the same man that sent us the wonderful news moments later sent me word about a friend of his..

I please to pray after my friend in [Zhalal]-[Abade], it and family is located at problem. Do not have nothing to eat they. all stores are broken
[by 9: 20: 22 PM] Of talant: they to fear

and the reality hits... What is it..why are our loved ones on that plane, yet others suffer...

I am so thankful to all our friends in Central Asia who have worked so hard to deploy our precious cargo... and I think of the relief that they must be feeling right now to know that they have done their part...

Thank you to all who have been following along....

Next stop Moscow!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Doing our part and leaving the rest !

Well the girls are packed and they are just putting the final touches on their documents .. We were just talking to them on Skype... I love the technology .. I don't know what I would do with out it.. it certainly has made it easier to get things together... Emma has been working on a folder for each of the girls.

They each have

  1. Citizen registry
  2. New passport
  3. Letter of invitation from us. and agreement to provide health insurance
  4. Copy of our passports
  5. Our proof of Citizenship
  6. Our proof of income tax statement ( T-4)
  7. Letter from our member of Parliament invitation
  8. Letter from their mayors office authenticating how we know them
  9. letter from there College and University showing intent to return in the fall
  10. letter from their employers agreeing to them coming to Canada
  11. Letter from a friend agreeing to help with their family responsibilities until they return
  12. return airline tickets
  13. adequate travel and Visa money

We have determined that the state of emergency curfew has been lifted, and a middle of the night trip to the airport has been arranged ... They have the 11 hour layover in Moscow they have lots of time to catch the next flight, and we have VIP service arranged for them when they reach Kiev . they will be met as they get off the plain to help them through all the passport control and customs, then deliver them personally to our friend waiting for them ... We have accommodations arranged and our friend will bring them to the Canadian Embassy on Tuesday morning...

and at that point... it's all out of our hands...

I don't like things out of out hands !

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Down to the wire for Emma

Emma has been busy getting a lot of little details taken care of before she heads to Kiev with the girls on Monday. Along with the other reports and projects the she has been looking after for us, she has a small mater of some discretionary spending money that she she wanted to make sure that is was spent before she came home... She let us know that she does not think there is a necessity to bring any souvenirs home with her... Instead she has taken on a few projects of her own.This first photo was of a surprise visit to see Gulnar... she is the young girl that just lost her mother . It is graduation time, and all the other kids will be getting dressed up for the ceremony.. and unless if you have ever seen one of these events, you would not believe what a big deal it is...... So Emma popped in and gave her money to buy a dress... she just wishes that she had time to join her

Ainura as well got her eyes checked again, She is the young lady that had the operation to save her sight a couple years ago.. She had shared that her eyes were starting to get bad again but did not want us spending any more money on her.. We told her that we had an investment in her, and that it was only right that we maintain that investment... so today they took her back to the city for a checkup... her eyes were doing just fine, and she just needed a different prescription... so about $30 later she was set for another couple years...

Emma then sent me a letter from the city.. apparently they are concerned that Emma is leaving, and want to make sure that we return soon.....

Кыргыз Республикасы Кыргызская Республика
Чуй облусу, Чуйская область

Компетентным органом

Мэрия г.Токмок тесно сотрудничает с волонтером Джон Райд из Канады, который реализует предложенные социальные проекты, также оказывает финансовую и гуманитарную помощь для малоимущих семей.
Дочь Эмми делает вклад в области образования, обучает бесплатно студентов и желающих граждан английскому языку.
Для мэрии г.Токмок было бы хорошо если Джон Райд и его семья находились дольше в Кыргызской Республике, так как оказывая помощь Джон Райд и его дочерью нам необходимо.

С уважением,

Заведующий сектора по
поддержке семьи и детей Д.Джумабаева

The Mayor of the town of Tokmok co-works together with volunteer, John Wright, from Canada who is implementing our social projects and also helping with financing, and humanitarian helps for our needy families. His daughter, Emma, is helping us in the area of education, by teaching our students and all who want to learn the English language and art for free. For our Mayor in Tokmok, it would be good to have John Wright’s family in the Kyrgyz Republic because John, Julie, Emma and Bekah, helped us and we need their help.
With respect,

Cheif of the Child Protection Department
J. Jumabaeva

Friday, June 04, 2010

another Photo day... and much more

This first photo is of the kids at one of the small orphanages getting more photo's of them selves... I mentioned a couple weeks ago that this is something new to them, and they were all so excited to receive them that Emma has been printing more for them ... they are so proud to be able to show Acel there pictures. that's the best part about photo's ..they are best shared.....
Sergey and Anya were busy over at the Baby hospital.. they went to bring Baby food and to bring the rest of the money for the baby ventilator.. pictures to follow shortly over on the iam1ru site ....They brought Natasha with them this trip... she is the go to person for Ruby and Lynn from LAMb... they have been doing a lot of work at the baby hospital as well, and it is good to go with a common front time to time to make sure that there is not ever a duplication of service... well they were there , they took a few minutes to check up on Baby Melana Grace.... and her bunk mate... The Dr there heard about some of the others that have been sending letters asking for help to get us back , and she wanted to send one as well...

Dear John Wright!
As the director of the hospital and the staff of the children's department, we greatly appreciate your help to renovate the children's department of our hospital. Your workers painted, plastered, put new tiles on the walls, new pipes, sinks, new doors and new linoleum floors. We bought a washing machine with powder soap, a computer, EKG machine and a ventilator. Through John, we have for our orphans a continuous supply of food and clothes. Your being here is important for our orphans and to improve our material, technical base of our children's department. You are needed here .

Aiperi and Altynai are working on something to say as well, but they will be here in a few weeks to share in person ... they have been working on their presentation, and that includes a little Kyrgyz music with Aiperi singing and Altynai accompanying on the Kamooz ... here is a little sneak preview... ( If you are viewing this from FB, you will need to follow this link to see the video )

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

More graduation celebrations

This was another exciting day of Celebration... this time it was graduation from the kids at the knowledge store where Emma teaches English and Art .

Many of these children have learning difficulties, or other issues that make it difficult for them in school... It is such a blessings for me to see a place that they can receive the help that they need, regardless of their financial situation...

I recieved a few more letters today from our friends in Central Asia asking you to help us to come back ...

We are Oleg and Vera . We are directors of the Orlovka help centre in Kemin region in Kyrgyzstan. Our request is to give opportunity for John and his family to come again in August 2010. Not just this time, but also in the future. We want to testify that they are doing a lot in Kyrgyzstan, especially in Orlovka. We have known them for 3 years and we are working together and our relationship is very close. They helped us to build a playground where we are gathering children for different children’s programs. They helped us to get a comunity help building and they are helping us to feed poor people. They are helping us to do Christmas celebrations and other great opertunities to help the poor such as when we went together to the village of Kashka. We are waiting for this family who are a blessing to us . We are working together in to help others . We appreciate John and Julie for their dedicated hearts and they are very open to serve in Kyrgyzstan, even our small villages like Orlovka. We want to say thank you for the people who are helping them to come here. Our request is to give the opportunity for them to be in Kyrgyzstan and bring goodness for our people and to spread HOPE in Kyrgyzstan together with you.

Oleg and Vera

Davina says, “I miss the Wrights very much, they are good people and they are good to us. I pray for them every day that God will bring them here. We are happy when they are here and we can’t wait to see them again.
Melody says, “They do a lot of good things for poor people here. I miss them very much. They are good people. They are not just good to poor people, but they’re good to us too.”

Hello Mr. John. How are you?
I am glad when we meet with you. You made for us many unexpected.
We need you, need for all kids and people. Fly again. You need do many surprises for people and kids, they all will happy. OK, just to come! I very like when we visit orphanages with you. Now I have many friends there, thank you for all what you did for us. God bless you. We love you sooooooo much. Big John.
Vladik and Arthur.