Friday, July 29, 2022

Time for the harvest

Its that time of year again when we start canning the harvest.  This season, Aigoola is staying in the city where we are focusing on her health .  With her blood sugar in check, she has just had her second eye surgery and all is going well.  We had a friend of Alina's come out to help with the canning in her absence . 

The student becomes the teacher .  with out Aigoola there, the boys have had to step it up a bit, and do the cooking and clean up.  Ruslan was making Samsa's today and enlisted the help of a guest visiting the farm . 

The trucks of fire wood have started to arrive.  This wood will be cut up and bagged, then be given with the coal for people to use to get the fires started .  As soon as this is bagged, we will start with the coal. 

It always feels worse at the end of the month when all the bills and Salaries need to be paid,  This month is particularly tight. If anyone would like to make a donation to our general fund at this time , it would sure be a big help.   I try not to get stressed about finances but this month I am not doing as well as others.   


Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Some Needs Met .. and Some Needs Found

The men from the men's home had such a great day at the Kashar this week . They felt truly blessed to have the time away . Thank to Tanya for organizing this and an extra thank you to everyone that had a part in making this day possible 

The boys were hard at work on the farm.  This week we were able to get our second cut off, and from the looks of it we will be able to get a third cut this year.  Last year we were only able to get one cut and even that was small .  

The gardens are continuing to do well .. Not just from on the farm but also the hundreds who have received seeds this year . They continue to send pictures and notes of thanks to everyone who donated for the seeds .

Life continues to be difficult for many , 
especially those with families living in the more remote villages.  With husbands working as shepherds , there are long hard hours, and little pay .  We are happy that we can continue to provide food hampers to them at difficult times . 

Julie was talking with Kamala yesterday and she learned that her aunt that we had helped with cancer treatments a few years ago is sick again .  The do not have the money for the analysis and treatments   this time around , but Kamala did not want to ask because she knows that we have so many needs right now , and they had gotten help already for this a couple years ago.  Cancer does not always play by our rules , so we would like to help her again . I would like to raise about $400 to start with for care and treatment .  If you would like to help with this , or with the scholarship fund, please go now to the top right side of the blog to donate. 


Friday, July 15, 2022

Scholarship Fund ---Breaking the cycle

For many years now we have provided educational scholarships, including dorm and living expenses.  
This is one of the best ways to break a cycle of poverty .   A young boy or girl living at the dump for example can be into a clean safe living environment and given the tools they need to mature, and learn and graduate with a skill and the ability to get a good job. 

We have stepped out and have made commitments for this school year, To register, we need to be applying now and putting deposits down. currently we need $9250 to meat our target. 

Another way to break the cycle is to empower people to get ahead.. like we did with the seeds in the spring .  I just love getting follow-up photos of people working their fields , and messages like "Thankyou for helping us and teaching us so we can grow our own food "  This was an investment they you made in 250 families last spring , and today we are not having to pack food hampers for them and their neighbours .   a special thankyou from THEM to YOU !

There are some that are always going to need help, like this family below  whose father lost his legs . 

Life is not always fair, but with your support we have been able to provide the warmth to make it through the winter.  So as soon as we can get the Tuitions under control we need to start ordering coal for the winter .. Ordering in the next month can make a huge difference in the price .. 

As you can see some of our needs have started to pile up.  Now would be a great time to help if you are able . 

On a happy note, we have 30 men from the home for the disabled  sponsored for the picnic in the mountains on the 20th.  That will keep Tanya's hands full I am sure .. Thank you to all who donated to make this possible. 


Wednesday, July 13, 2022

some of the harvest

We had some guests out to the farm this week that helped with some of the harvesting .   Potatoes and cabbages , and cucumbers from the green house .  The apricots are also ready and are now being dried. 

Vlad and Ruslan have been attending Chinese cooking classes .  I wish I was there for that .  It looks like fun . 


We have 15 men from the men's home for disabled   sponsored so far for a picnic in the mountains .  We would love to be able to cover about 10 more .. its just $10 a person for food and transportation. 

Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Men's home to the mountains

 Each summer we try to give some of the men a time out of the home up at the kashar and yurts . Tanya cooks a great picnic for them and has games and a time to relax . 

Tanya just contacted me and asked if we could help again this year. She will need money for a bus for transportation and food.  She would like to have about 25 men and thinks it will be around $250, but the final numbers will depend on you.  Any donations toward this day would be greatly appreciated.