Monday, June 29, 2020

deliveries from the farm .

This week we are focusing on families near the farm.  There are many struggling, and now with the numbers on the rise, the country is preparing to back into lock down.  

This week they will deliver to 80 families .  they will each get two bags , one with food, and one with cleaning and hygiene supplies .   

Bags are all packed and ready to go.

It is such an incredible blessing to be able to reach out to those in need .   Below is a picture of Nick bringing supplies to his great grandmother.  It turns out that her home was in disrepair from the winter and  and will need a couple days work .  The boys will plan on going out next week to do the repairs. 

 The cabbages are doing great and will be ready to add to the next round of food hampers I think.

 This year, they are going to string up the tomatoes to see if we can keep the tomatoes up off the ground and have less waist .. the down side is that they will dry out quicker and will take more work keeping them watered, but with out the guest house , they may have more time this year .

We sent funds today for Vera and Tanya to do the next round of food drops .  Stay tuned for more updates soon.  If you would like to be a part of blessing a family with groceries, you can use the link on the top right of the blog.  As food prices are going up , it is now costing a few dollars more a family , so it is now $15.25 cdn per food hamper.  

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

I am still not ready !

Like so many of you , I am so tired of this. I just want it to be over and be on a plane back to Kyrgyzstan where we can go in person to help.  We are able to be in touch a  few hours in the morning and a few hours in the evening when time zones meet up, and the rest of the day is restless , thinking and praying about what more we can do.  If you have been watching you see that the deliveries are staggered ,  every other set of deliveries is organized by Vlad and the rest of the deliveries are organized and delivered by many others that we have had on going relationships with.  so while Vlad is getting reorganized and preparing for more deliveries , this week Ermic is on deliveries. 

We have worked with Ermic at the blind society for may years ,  Usually it is for times of celebration that we are there, but I guess if you are 100 days into a pandemic and isolation and are out of food and supplies , Today would be a celebration .  
Today they can celebrate because we did not forget about them , and we could help because you did not forget about us . 

I had been starting to get optimistic about the numbers , things have been starting to open up here with continued safe distancing and being careful.. When we all do our part we might even be able to make this work .  I have been extra careful because of my diabetes so I have taken a wait and see how things go approach .  As long as people don't let their guard down .  

In Kyrgyzstan they were quick to do a very strict quarantine right off the bat so they did not experience any of the numbers so I was feeling good about returning as soon as possible .,, that is until they dropped the restrictions about three weeks ago, and people took the attitude that it was over and back to life  as usual  and the masks even started coming off .. now they are starting to pay for that decision.  

Friday I ventured into the post office so I could mail some time sensitive tuition checks .  I was masked and gloved and there were only two people at a time in the post office .. that was until a young lady came in with some parcels ..  No gloves and no mask .. Now she probably thinks that she is young and healthy so she is fine .. but It was all I could muster not to tare a strip off her up one side and down the other for putting my life at risk and how totally inconsiderate she was .   No mater how I formulated the sentence in my mind, I knew it would not come out kind .. so I stuck my tongue out at her , which she could not tell because I HAD MY MASK ON. . I have decided that maybe I am still not ready for this .. it only takes one thoughtless person  to start a chain reaction that would destroy so many lives .. because people seem to think it is their right to do so.  .. Please don't be that person ....

Friday, June 19, 2020

Receiving their Blessings from you !

Today's food drops were to people that are in the blind society who have not received any help yet .  I would think that they must live every day in a dark and isolated place, and then to have the quarantine restrictions on top of that would be terrible.  They are all so thankful for all your support. 

We started with the bags and boxes packed and at a central location.  Those that could make their way came to pick up, then any that could not make it out will be next on our list.

But it did not just start there. So much work goes into these food deliveries.  First lists are made and a plan is put into place.  Next up is to find a store that can fill the order for us ..  All hands on deck as the items are purchased and packed into individual bags  .. Next up is getting everything loaded into cars that can bring everything to the distribution site where people will be waiting for help. 

Then everything has to be unloaded and organized so that those on the list can come and receive their blessing from YOU.

Stay tuned as the blessings continue . 

July 1st is when we have to start getting tuition's paid for the fall.   As you can see by the thermometer on the top of the blog, we have a long way to go.  This Fathers day , if you can't think of what to get that Father that has everything, please consider a donation to the scholarship fund. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

In their distress

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress....






Monday, June 15, 2020

The blessings continue

I received an update last night from friends in KG.  If you were wondering about the impact from the food hampers , read this 

This Sunday, we gathered together for the first time since the quarantine. All were masked and sat 1 meter apart from each other. Tears flowed freely as they prayed and glorified God together. It is a different feeling when many people praise and pray in unity. What a tremendous power it will be when all the churches of the world together in the unity of the Holy spirit worship God wow, I felt it and such a longing to see it and hear it. A lot of people  came out and talked about how during the quarantine, God changed the character, changed the relationship with people, God did not leave them hungry and there was food through the food packages and we thank you too that many people received food on time. people were crying talking about being helped with food.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the donation for packages. It is the hand of God that has used various vessels to cover the needs of others. Grocery bags were a tool for the gospel and hope for others. Thank you again.

Things are starting to open up, but there are still many that are in a desperate situation , they have missed much of the spring work available and will still take some time to get back to normal, Our next food drop will be focusing on some of the smaller villages were we have contact .  we are still $1200 behind on the last huge drop, so we will be a little more conservative this time and will aim for 100 families for $1000.   We would love your help so we can continue to be a blessing to others. 

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Living in the present

The way the world is right now, it is hard not to just live in the present , focusing on the current ,here and now needs. With the pandemic, we had to close the guest house ( about 40% of our operating funds ) and cancel 6 spring groups that provide most of the humanitarian aid that we do.  
    We have not only by Gods grace, met our monthly commitments, but have also provided large food hampers to over 1000 families as well as sponsor fresh made bread given out to thousands more.  We have managed to cover repairs and maintenance not just at the farm but things like a new boiler system and chimney at the orphanage treatment home .  
    We have been so busy focusing on these needs that it almost came as a shock to me when I looked back and saw that every year at this time we are raising funds for scholarships .. 
2018 fathers-day scholarship campaign  
I guess this year should be no different .  we still have students wishing to return to school in some form or another in just a few months .  Included in that we have two students that did not make it back to KG this summer from their schools in the US, and their tuition's will be due again soon.   
So I guess It is time that I force myself to start looking and making plans for the future, including all our kids back to school for another year.  If you would be willing to change gears with me for a couple weeks I am sure that we could get this need taken care of by fathers day so that they too can start thinking ahead to the future and going back to school for another year.. what ever form that takes .

There has been so much work for Vlad organizing food deliveries, he was blessed when one of our neighbors and friends at the farm offered to help.  Vlad was able to drop off a bunch of packages with his family and they delivered them to families in need in the village.   

This spring with all that was going on including the bazaars beeing shut down, it was a good thing we had a green house and were able to start our own plants.  The boys have been working hard and were still able to get the gardens in .  Here are a few of the photos around the farm 

sweet peppers 

tomato plants 

Cabbages in with the spinach 

 Thank you far remembering our kids this school season as we try once again to meet the requirements for their tuition's .  
" Life must go on "