Tuesday, September 08, 2015


Today the girls will be in the heart of wine country .. maybe that's got something to do with why we have not heard from them yet today ,... ON THE WAY 

Back in Kyrgyzstan we have working hard getting the next house ready .. we have a single mother with three kids staying at the girls house right now waiting until the house is ready and has some furniture .. yesterday and today we painted inside walls and floors, and we did a lot of cleaning outside with the pressure washer.. yeas of dirt have been removed.. tomorrow we will treat the foundation with a tar type of paint, and on Friday the furniture will arrive.. and non to soon.. the kids are so poorly behaved .. fortunately Aigula has such gentle side and is teaching this poor mom how to be a little stricter with the kids .   Emma says look at the bright side , we are NOT trying to teach her NOT to beat the kids .. 

Goosey has had a hard day , trying to avoid the kids , finally he came for a little pocket time, and had a nap .

After a little sleep, he is always a little tipsy .. Here is a short video of him trying to get his balance again, in case you where wondering whats his problem 

He loves the older boys, so he will go home with them tonight .. here he is having a little snuggle with Misha 

We have eight more kids coming out to the farm any day now, and we will be in need of a bit of help with them  They are right off of the street , so will likely not have anything.  We will start with medical check ups and go from there .. This is the type of thing that Julie and Acel are walking to raise awareness for .. A young girl , or boy for that matter , living on the streets is so vulnerable .. They need our help, and we need yours .. PLEASE make a donation now .  because today, YOU ARE THE WAY  

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