Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Day 19 ON THE WAY .. Leon Spain

Can you just imagine the determination it takes for a couple women to walk a 1/2 marathon EVERY DAY for 19 days strait .. That's what Julie and Acel have been doing. and they are more determined then ever to see this through .. The donations to their cause have not been to the level that they had hoped, but the needs just while they have been on the walk have been greater then we ever could have thought .. 

At 19 days, they are just over the 1/2 way point 

still smiling 

the rain is starting to get them down a little , but they are pressing on 

I know life can be so hard for a single mom , especialy in a country like Kyrgyzstan that does not have the resources to help them .. But add to that a sick child and life can be over more then is bearable .. 
Yesterday we met with a single mom and her baby who needs a heart operation.  We brought her to our Dr friend to confirm the reports that they had.. It was all accurate, and this little boy needs an operation to fix two holes in his heart.  We have made some calls and some connections, and have been able to intervene to be able to make it possible .. 

 We have a few projects on the go out at the farm.  We are renovating the newest farm to put in a sewing room and a bread bakery as well as a small woodworking shop .  this will all work toward self sustainability and training for the winter months .  Over at the first farm, we are putting in indoor plumbing, showers and a heating system, as well as some windows . 

It is time to start harvesting the pumpkins like this one here , it would probably way in at about 70 lbs 

We had a meeting at the baby hospital today . There have been some local business people that have come forward as well as some government support .  They will purchase the building materials for the next stake of the clinic if we will have Vlady do the work and find a sponsor to cover his wages , and those of his help .. so we just need about $500 to move forward with this.. This is exciting because the bulk of this is being covered by Local people .. 

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