Thursday, April 30, 2015

Rabbits to Auxanna

Today we had a few things on the go.  We started by going out to the farm to give some shots to one of the goats , then out to deliver Rabbits to Auxanna.   The fields were beautiful today, the poppies were all in full bloom 

 the girls came out yesterday and painted the front gate for us

as we past our field we saw that Mondays rain has started the seeds growing , We spoted something out in the field, when we looked closer we saw that there was a big eagle in the field 

We had a friend who wanted to help Auxana get set up with a little side income with Rabbits as well.  So we brought her a male rabbit, a pregnant female rabbit and a cage for them .  We gave her two of our best temperament rabbits .  She has little kids and we want them to enjoy the rabbits as well 

After visiting Auxana we went to the orphanage to meet with the director.  We had a few things to discuss .  We have vitamins for her so we wanted to see how the were doing with vitamins and if they needed more.  We also discussed with them about us having a place at the farm for some of her kids that are finished school and are soon going to be out of the orphanage and out of government care.

We will meet with the kids and the director in a few weeks to talk to them and discuss the potential and future development on the farm..  we will likely have room for about 4 or 5 kids to start with.

we have also made arrangements for a group of about 14 of the older kids to come out to the farm on Sunday. We will have a visit, play some games, and maybe go fishing as well.  It will be a fun day.

Jengish and Emma went on to Bishkek to do some business and get seeds for cucumbers, and Julie and I took the slow bus back to Tokmok.  

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


In our  life here , aside from the things that we post on the blog, there are always underlying situations in our daily dealings.  People we are working with , people we are trying to work with , and people we wish we did not have to work with.  Nothing is ever easy, and no mater how smooth things are going any minute things can take a turn.  As these situations can often be a personal nature to those we are helping, many times the situations do not make it here on to the blog.   

Today I came across this sign and it just seemed so fitting to many of the problems people come to us with.  We always try to have patience as a lot of people have come from very difficult situations and do not have a solid frame of reference when they make decisions. so we try to help them understand that today's choices have tomorrows consequences.  but I think some times  the root of the problem can be much more base. 

   Because we do not speak the language well, it is difficult to know how much a person understands, as well it is difficult to know a persons intellect,  we don't want to talk above their understanding , and at the same time we want to be maintaining a level of respect and not speak to them like they are stupid, after all even perfectly smart people can make stupid choices.  I remember a friend that is a pastor sharing with me how frustrated he would get with people.  They come to him and ask him to help them with a decision , asking  his input.  The answer would be so clear, but no mater how he tried, they would thank him, and then go off and do the opposite... then come back for help when life started to unravel ... This is something that we have faced over and over .. Its like 'why ask if you have no intention of following my advice, if you don't trust my advice ,DON'T ASK !   A couple weeks ago we had one such incident, and I was sharing my frustration, when Jengish, who has himself had lots of experience with such people had a phrase that summed it up .. 

It's funny how putting the appropriate title to some one and their personality type sure helps you with dealing with them.  So now rather then doing this ....
unfortunately this was not a staged photo , Julie took it with out me knowing 

or resorting to using methods like this 

I can simply recognize who I am  dealing with , and still do my best to listen , understand , and offer to help when there is something we can do , continue to treat the person with respect, but recognize that most likely it is a nonversation.  

and every now and then take a little time, step back and have a nice bowl of chili.  

Monday, April 27, 2015

some photos from the day

the sky was beautiful today 

we picked up the red book for the new farm today 

two little girls in the back of a school bus 

little goat was demanding attention today 

Bunt was wanting a little attention as well 

baby bunnies are doing well 

a great day for taking pictures .. this is the farm village in the distance 

a view of the barn across the fields 

it started raining over the village as we left .. now that we have added 'farmers' to our shingle 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Busy day in the city today .. lots on the go.

Long but very productive day .   We headed early to Bishkek with lots to do.  Today we were picking up our Visa's to Kazakhstan.  We are in Kyrgyzstan on a 60 day visa free stay, but we are not able to extend that, we have to leave, So tomorrow we will be going for lunch in Kazhkstan with Jengish . . 

Visa's  with out any problems, such a relief 

We had a meeting in the morning with a wonderful couple who have some business in Kyrgyzstan , the main one is a hydroponic lettuce project.  The have training seminars as well as Medical teams that come to the city, and wanted a guest house on a farm where they could sends guests.  Today the purchased the farm beside ours, and have put it into our care to manage for them.   The farm has a great field where we will plant tomatoes, peppers and onions.  Everything we need to make tomatoes salad for the winter.  The barn is great for chickens, cows sheep and pigs, as well it has a grainery and lots of room for more hay.   There is a large garage with a root seller that we can set up as a canning and food prep room where we can prepare food for the winter, as well as make goat cheese process the honey.  The house itself is in good shape and is move in ready.  The deal was closed today, but we have agreed that the family can stay living there for a few more weeks until school is finished for their kids.  

Emma and Jengish and a young neighbor boy  at the "The #2 Farm"

After picking up the funds, Jengish and Emma left us in Bishkek then headed to the land register office to close the deal.  

John and Julie having a rest in Bishkek. Bekah was not impressed , she says that the homeless sleep on the sides of the road like this 

After doing the deal and before picking up the visa's we had a nice visit and a meal with the family of our young friend Kolya's  fiancee. We are standing in as his family, something that e are honored to do. We are looking forward to the wedding on May the 12th.  The service will be at the waterfalls, with a meal cooked by Vlady. then we will have a smaller reception for the elders in Bishkek later that day.  

Kolya and Alina having a moment together at the farm

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

More planting

Today we were back out to the farm planting.  It was a beautiful day. If anything, a little too hot.  Today we planted zucchini, butter nut squash, spaghetti squash. and about 1500 garlic plants.    Tomorrow we will plant beans, peas, Swiss chard, carrots, beats and radishes.  

we also got the landscaping done out by the barn , and the grass seed planted  

lots of garlic 

Today the neighbor asked us if we would like to rent her garden from her .  would be about $500 to rent it and plant the entire field with cucumbers.   It would be a great filler for all the food hampers as well, we could make pickles and relish for the winter.  There is just no way we can cover this in our food shares budget. We are already twice the size we budgeted for. So I will leave it up to all of you. If anyone thinks we  should get this land let me know , and use the donate button on the side of the blog. 
The field could not be any closer. It is the one that has the concrete wall on it.

We have decided that God made puppies so cute so that you will want to help them. and people leave them in the middle of the road in the country so that Emma and Jengish will stop and save them.
Already Jengish is saying that we need some dogs at the other farm. so now we are all set .  

Bekah would like to come to Canada for a visit this summer

So Bekah would like to come home to Canada  for a visit this summer.  She will have an opportunity to spend some time with Family and friends, as well she will travel with us to share about the the work in Kyrgyzstan.   The cost of her flights will be about $1500 .  If any one out there would like to help with this we would be very grateful. At this point I have no idea how we can make this happen, but we will trust that some how the way is made .     While in Canada Bekah is hoping to get some summer work as well.  Being in Kyrgyzstan on a student Visa Bekah is not able to work in Kyrgyzstan , so she is hoping to earn a little money to carry her through the next year as well . 

Bekah at the seniors home 

Delivering baby formula to an abandoned  newborn at the baby hospital

out at the farm 

Out for a walk with Julie 

Delivering food hampers to students and families in need 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

fast action

Today was a day off for us .  We have been trying for one of those for a while .  Jengish and Emma are not even going to come out of their apartment today.   Fortunatly FB messanger as a way of getting past the locked front door, and carries urgent news right to my chair.  Our God Son Samat just got ahold of me.  He has been trying to help a homeless lady with two kids.  We are not sure the whole story.  She us Kyrgyz and speaks no Russian at all, and it was just Bekah and I with her in the end.  Samat was able to get her into the women s shelter with the help of the mayors office. Social services will try to help her with documents.  It will still cost a bit, we just are not sure how much right now.  What we do know is that while others are seeing what they can do to help. The family needed food right away.  Thats where we come in . We are able to respond  rapidly, and in just 1/2 hour we were  able to deliver Bread, rice, sugar, pasta, potatoes, carrots, onions, cheese and milk.   It is now after hours, so we weer not able to get in, but had to pass things over the locked gate . 

A special thank you to  Taiwan Children s fund, the mayors office, and all those who donate to the general fund , or "where needed most" this allows us the ability to act fast when a need arrases like it did today .

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Change of plans

Today started with a twist .  Emma and Jengish were on their way to the farm with Jengishes brothers when they came across two ladies with impaired judgement and the strong smell of alcohol.  They had a little toddler with them , and were asking for money for some food and transportation out of town.  The shared how they thought that the child's parents were not fit so they stroll the toddler.  

Since they had no idea where they stole  the child from, they convinced the ladies that they should take the child to the hospital to make sure it was healthy.  The ladies agreed.  On the way we contacted the police and social services.   The regular police came, two social workers and then three detectives came .  They were able to get the documents that would allow the Baby hospital to take custody of the child until this was all sorted out.   

Right from the start Emma was able to get a hold of the baby from the two ladies, and she just hung on tight until everything was over.  Several times the ladies wanted to take the child and go before the authorities could get there, but Emma just smiled and hung on.  Jengish stood watch ..  
In the end the baby was admitted to the hospital. She was given some food and a drink. While Emma and Julie helped the nurse get her all cleaned up, Bekah and I went to the bazaar and got some new cloths, diapers and shoes , and of coarse a banana.  Emma opened up the banana for her and give it to her .  It was so cute. she sat there and licked it at first as if it was an ice cream cone.   

Its now 2:00 and everything is under control and we have headed home.  There was a lovely young nurse that took over her care from Emma .  I was concerned that after all this she would be hard to put down, but she happily went off with the nurse, stopping to smile and wave good bye to Emma .. God was gracious to have us depart with out tears.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

working on a Building ... 30 days later

up early today and out to the farm to get read for the celebration . 
Kolya up the ladder cleaning windows

new curtains in the washroom 

getting the table set 

guests begin to arrive 

Kolya here with his Girlfriend , Kolya was one of the ones working on the Barn 

wonderful breads

One of the kids from the mountain farm where we have helped with the barn for the cows 

one of the neighbors  has almost lost his sight, he needs eye surgery and did not have money for it. The want to operate on Monday , to start with they will do just one eye, and then the second in a few weeks .  He needed $400 .. Today a coupe of our guests at the party sponsored the first operation for him to give us time to find a sponsor for the other eye'  

It was nice to have a Jengishes brothers with us today as well.  They have been such a great support and hep to Emma and Jengish. with the fields and the farm .

At the party , Sergey was telling us about a senior that he knew of.  She and her husband would like to raise rabbits as well,  The have some female rabbits but don't have a male.  They have been trying to raise the money to get a giant male rabbit.  Emma and Jengish both thought it would be great to bless her with one of their giant babies .     Its still just a baby, but they do grow up fast .   They gave it to sergey to take to her, and with in an hour we had a photo back with him at his new home.

It has been just one month ago that we put the first shovel into the ground at the farm, and today we celebrated the completion of the barn and beginning of the panting season,  A ot of work, but something that will be a great blessing to so many for years to come.  I have put together a short video that shows 4 1/2  weeks work in just 4 1/2 minutes .  I hope you enjoy it .