Monday, April 25, 2022

Planting and renovating

We put on a big push this last week to get the fields planted before the expected week of rain .  In the past we have purchased plants like tomatoes and peppers from the bazar and they come with no dirt on the roots.  This means that they require a lot of water that we don't have .  This year we have all our own plants started in the green house, each with its own cup of dirt, so transplanting we do not disturb the root ball.  
We managed to get everything in the ground before the rains started .

Julie spent last week in Bishkek with Kamala. She met with a couple different groups of  people we work with like the breakfast club that meats once a week.  She took them out to an out door café.  The kids loved the two for one breakfast special.... It meant that they could each have two breakfasts ..hahahaha 

Back on the farm we have had many visitors to the farm café. 

It has allowed us to be able to meat with friends like Lynn and Ruby in a safe and comfortable way.  

We were thrilled to have dinner with Vlad and Alina and see their new home renovations .. It looks great 

On the farm, one of the first things we did was start renovating the main kitchen and make it so that I can do cooking classes with the kids .  They are loving it , and we have had some really good meals 

Today it is still raining so we will begin the renovations on the indoor kitchen at the main house .  right now we have two small rooms , one is the kitchen with no windows and a large pantry that does have a window. So we will take the wall down making it one large room with a small pantry and a centre work table. 
I will have some pictures soon 


Monday, April 18, 2022

Ready to move plants from the green house

We have the first yurt up . It is one of those things that more hands is not always better .  So we have a yurt master coming in a few days to put up the second yurt, 

Today we were up to the kashar again to get everything ready for the next group to come .  Sorting and organizing . 

Here are a few pictures from the yurt raising party yesterday 

Down on the farm we are working on a couple water upgrades .. both in and out .  At the boys house they are digging a trench to put in a back up water supply , and at Aigoolas they are digging a new septic tank . 


In the green house the cucumbers are planted and growing in the first hot house and the plants to replant into the fields are ready . Tomatoes, peppers, and cabbages we will move out to the fields on Wednesday . We are expecting a week of rain starting Wednesday afternoon .  ut for now we will have all the fields ready to plant.

Sitting with Yura having a visit at the end of the day .

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Memorial Garden

Over the last couple of years we lost some family and good friends. With Covid restrictions, like many of you, we did not have the closure that we would have liked.. feeling a little discombobulated , we decided that we would plant a tree here for them.. then the longer we were away the more trees where needed .. Today we started our memorial garden here on the farm . It is a park setting that will also have a picnic area and an outdoor theater .  The front of the garden has apricots and peaches we planted about 4 years ago .

We found a nursery close buy the farm that had an incredible selection of trees.  We were able to purchase trees today in honour of 5 of our friends and family.  

In the photos above, Julie is picking out the Flowering crab apple tree she picked out for her Aunt Carol and I have an ornamental  Red Canadian Maple I picked out for my dear friend Cal who was a Canadians fan. 

Along with the trees we purchased today , we also got some black Walnut trees from Vlad that we put in the garden and up at the kashar. 

We found many other kinds of trees that over time we will be able to add to the garden.  


Monday, April 11, 2022

Love Grandma and Poo

"This family is planting the seeds  like this. And the person who is speaking saying thanks. And also saying thank you for teaching how to be hard worker to get a harvest!  
That was the message we received from one of the families receiving seeds today.  

 We sent a little Easter gift to our grand children . They arrived yesterday , but not exactly perfect, thou I am sure Aiden got a kick out of it .  The card read "Love from Grandma and Poo" rather then POP.  

On the farm we are busy bleaching and cleaning EVERYTHING in the kitchen and today we will start to paint. 

Today the apricot trees have started to blossom 

Saturday, April 09, 2022

Almost ready to open

While Vlad and the boys have been busy planting gardens, tending to the green house and planting some trees. Julie and I have been working on settling in . We had moved from our apartment of 12 years while we were in Canada , so everything was brought to the farm . We had so much stuff to sort and to get to good homes .  That said We are almost set up.   Cafe is ready for visits and the house is sorted out 

We are continuing to give out seeds and vitamins . As soon as they receive them they are planting . 

Today we had Kamala and Nick here to help us .  Julie had them help her sorting sheets, blankets, pillows and towels . figuring out what we need here on the farm, in the guest house and up at the kashar and yurts . 

A few more minor repairs and the guest house will be ready to open by Monday, and then next weekend we will be putting up the yurts and opening up the Kashar.  

Aiperi has also been continuing to get the food hampers delivered to the refugees that she has been working with . she said it is difficult because the roads are still closed and they have to keep moving all the time .