Monday, September 27, 2021

It fills my heart with emotions !

This is one of those photos that fills my heart with emotions.  Knowing the difficulties that so many families are facing , seeing the deliveries of coal and food to their door is such a blessing.  

This is one of five families that we delivered to today.  It is a little extra special to me because I know these kids.  We  would often stop and pick them up on our way to or from the yurts .. They have a three km walk to school and they just seem so small against the back drop of snow capped mountains. 

Even from a young age, life is not easy for them, but thanks to some of you, they have a hope and encouragement for the coming winter as is evident on their faces. 

After a hard day of bagging coal and food and making deliveries, the boys on the farm have a bit of classroom time in the evening after they get washed up. 

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Back to work

OK boys, back to work ... 
but seriously , thank you for all your hard work.


Friday, September 24, 2021

Priceless !

We are a week away from Seniors day .. I have advanced the funds so they can start packing gift bags and preparing for the day.  It will work out to $10 a person and we have sent $750 to start with .  If you would like to sponsor one or two that would be amazing.  If more then $750 comes in , we will have no problem delivering as many gift bags as we raise funds for .  

 A lot of us talk about Freedom and about being tired of isolation .. But stop for a minute and think of what it looks like for the men at the men's home.  They have been in full lock down for 18 months.  

Today they had a reprieve.  Today a group of them along with a couple of their nurses and the driver from the home got to go on an outing to the Kashar.  Emagin the feeling of freedom .. No gates and walls or fences .. just wide open space to relax.  Tanya did an amazing job with the food as well 

 This is a day that they will remember for a long time.  We are blessed to have on going sponsorship to off set the cost of events like this.  All in, this event was $200. but the real value for these men ..Priceless !

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Apple pickin' time on the farm.

Today we had to take a break from food deliveries and do some more harvesting. 
Despite the drought , we were able to bring in about 70 more bails of hay .. this is about 25% of what it would be on a good year, but at least we got some ..many are just leaving the crop in the fields .

We had a group of travelers that came for the weekend to help us with the harvest. 

apples picked and sorted.  Leaving us with over 1000 lbs of apples to put into the cellar . 

They had a meal of monte when they were finished .. I am jealous.. Aigoola's monte is so good .  

Look over the shoulders on the right .. That is one huge pile of egg plant . 

Meanwhile back in Canada , I am just about ready for my first harvest.  😁


Wednesday, September 15, 2021

"We've been every where boy"

What a busy few days it has been for our friends.   Lets start with Dave and Sergey.  They are delivering food to families from Tokmok in the north to Jalabad in the south . 

Aiperi has also been very busy in an undisclosed location.  She is working here in a tent village brining food to those in need.. She said that the needs are so great that she was getting nervous when she got to the end of her hampers. They are all so desperate . 

Vlad was busy today bringing some of the kids from the village to the bazaar to get some clothes for school .

Back on the farm , the guys were busy packing the next batch of food hampers that will be delivered over the next few days . 

Some of the boys were working in the fields harvesting some pumpkins that will be delivered with the next batch of food 
This evening after work the boys had some classroom time where they are learning about Goal setting and being motivated .. Icecream is always a good motivation tool .