Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A tast of home

  As we sat inside this weekend, we had a lot of time to think about our family and friends back in Canada .  It is Thanksgiving in Canada. It is also time for our fall fair.  This is a time when the entire village is out in force.  as much as anything else, the reason to go to the fair is to meat up with friends.. its just a good time... OH ya and then there is funnel cake... every year we buy one of these totally sinfully delicious treats and split it between whom ever is there at the time... well we could not visit with our friends, but I could do something about the funnel cake. You know what ? it was even better then the ones from the fair.  Maybe I should set up a little shop here selling them . hahaha..
  One good thing about staying in, Emma finished the sign for the store.   HOPE FOR THE FUTURE... hats the name that our friend came up with .. its actually the literal translation of working towards a better future.  Not sure if I mentioned, the word cooperation is not a word used in Kyrgyzstan so co-op did not translate well.    We were at the T-Shirt factory today .. they make a high quality shirt here with stitched Kyrgyz emblems on them .. they are something that is popular for locals as well as tourists, and will sell reasonably for $10, and that will give us enough of a mark up on them that if we can sell  an average of 5 a week, we can cover all the operating costs for the store.  so that we will be able to continue to invest if the FUTURE of so many ... 

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