Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Please remember our friend .

yesterday I did a long and fairly emotional post from our day, sent it, and the Internet went down at that moment and it went of to siber land somewhere, so I will try again. 
   I will not get into as much detail, but please remember Isar and his family today. Yesterday morning we got a call that his sister and parents and his niece had been in a serious car accident and wee on rout to the hospital... We sent Isar off right away, and later that day leaded that his sister died, and that the niece is still in Intensive care, and his mother would be keep in hospital for tests.. His father received a broken arm.  We are not sure what or if there is anything that we can do, but certainly if there is anything we will do it... It is times like this I sure wish we could communicate on a personal level ...

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