Sunday, October 17, 2010

Another beautiful day

We had a great day in the mountain today .  We have a busy week planed with a medical training team this week, and wanted them to have a chance to have a good visit with our friends from the city that will be hosting the training this week.  We decided that a picnic at the Barana tower would be a great place to go for a relaxing afternoon, and being a Sunday we thought it would be fun for the kids as well.  When we got to the tower, there were more people there then I have ever seen there before... even more then when I arrived with 200 people last year.  We decided that since it was both hot and busy, we would continue on to the mountain water falls .. one of our favorite picnic spots... What a beautiful day it was ..  we had Our friend and his family, the team, our family, and Sergey and Anya and the kids put together all the food for us... It always amazing the cars pull up and in minutes the BBQ was on and the table was laid out... we went for a walk along the stream... I went for a dip... then we walked back... just in time for some of the best Shashleek and Laproshka I have had... It was fun to watch the kids playing, Our guests even expressed how nice it was to experience a real family picnic in the mountains.
  We then went to the Baurana tower to take in a bit of culture.  It was there that we took a few munited to put the final touches on the plans for the next day... I said to My friend after words ... how many people sit and do business in such a beautiful  mountain valley, in one of the most historically significant places in the world... amazing ...
  The part of the day that was the most impacting for me was the first stop of the day.  We brought our friend from Bishkek and one of the Dr's in to do a consult for us with a child we want to help.
This is the little boy that we brought a wheel chair to last week, then just closed the door and drove away. It just seemed so wrong, and has been bothering us ever since.
   I don't yet know where the money will come from for this, but we have decided that what ever is needed to help this family we will do.  The boy has had Micro saphalis and cerebral palsy.. the mother has had no training at all to deal with him and they live in a tinny little room with a thin mattress on the floor.  He is exasperating, his hands have started to tighten in and his legs are starting to lock up. His arms are twisting to the point that they are pulling out of their sockets, and his head is so far back that he can not breath well.. His mother has to chew his food first before she gives it to him, but has a hard time getting the right consistency...  
   I walked into the room, and found both or friend and the Dr on their knees beside the boy.. they were so gentle and caring, they discussed and explained to his mother ways of caring for him , and encourage her about what a great job she has been doing, and gave her options for what to do next. 
1. we will get a blender for her so she can properly chop his food evenly.
2. we will bring them to Bishkek to get measured for a custom wheal chair
3. we will set up a physiotherapy schedule for him and arrange someone in Tokmok to help
4. we will get his mother connected with the parents of disabled children support group
Now I feel better

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