Friday, October 15, 2010

Not much else to do.

We began the day today with Torat at the door at 7:45 this morning. He was meeting Olga here at the apartment to go to Bishkek ... I had a good sized list for them ..
1.  Apply for International passport
2.  Take Altynai to the hearing Dr
3.  Pick up the medical documents, and blood work orders  for the 2 cleft pallet operations we will be doing next week .
4.  Pick up the fertilizer for the grain
5.  Pick up the printer we have been working on getting for almost 2 months
6.  Hire a truck and pick up 650kg of winter wheat and bring it to the fields on the other side of the valley.
 While they were doing this, I
1.  met with Lynne and headed to Kemin to meet the drivers bringing the new chairs
2.  Get them started on the heat for the seniors home.
3.  have an organizational meeting with a team or medical specialists that are here from Alaska for a week.
4.  attend the 10th anniversary celebration for the Mercy foundation school
5.  cook supper for English club kids at the house,
6.  attend a dinner meeting at Daysprings house.   
In the morning  while I I was trying to accomplish my lists, Emma and Bekah took the over run and
1.  go to the mayors office to bring funds to do some rent subsidies for families in need
2.  take another student shopping to the bazaar to get clothes that were sponsored for him.
Now this would be tight enough if everything went right ... but this is Kyrgyzstan....
  - the chairs never arrived until 7:30 pm  even though they called us at 8am  and said that they would be there in 45 minutes
  - the passport office would not except a couple of the documents so they had to be re done
  - the fertilizer place  moved to the other side of the city from where it had been
  - the printer guy did not put the printer cable back in the box
  - Some government mucky muck came to the apartment to do an inspection for the containers.
  - the grain lady tried to make Torat take different grain because she did not want to admit that she did not have what we wanted
  - Altynai got here hearing test done, but I did not give her enough money for the medication she needed
  - they told Torat that he needed more fertilizer then he needed, so he was $20 short and needed to stop by on his way home for more money...and supper..
 - the celebration went an hour longer then it was meant to, but that was OK ..
we did not have that much else to do... 

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