Tuesday, October 05, 2010

more shopping

When Benjamin was here , his friends had sent him with a list of things that they wanted him to do for them.   Un fortunately we ran out of time before we ran out of  money.. But we certainly did not run out of needs.    There was one orphanage that was on our list to go and see and to help them with some back to school shopping ...   On Benjamins last day here one of the men from the rehabilitation center contacted us.  He has just completed the one year program and he is now one year clean and sober. He has also started to work at the center with the cows. he is working toward a good job and a good future... what is driving him is a desire to be back with his boys. He has two boys that are in an orphanage. they have no contact with their mother., and he is working hard to build a life so he can get his family back together.   He was very concerned about them and asked if we could go to them and help get them winter cloths. It just so happens that these boys are at the orphanage that we had not visited yet, but had a small budget to help.  We have two other kids there that we work with as well.. you may remember our treasures from the trash.  .. so today we picked up the 4 kids, then some how by the time we hit the car we had 6 kids.  Our first stop was for lunch... man could they eat.hahaha... they were all so excited to go shopping with us.  Our two new friends were such wonderful kids, we fell in love with them right away.. there was just something special.. I guess a couple more have found their way in front of us...  I called out to the rehab center tonight to send words of encouragement to their father.. these kids are worth fighting for .. they are worth working for.. As I stop and think about it I have to give their father credit.. he has not gone for the quick fix that does not work, then expect his kids back right away, he has gone the more solid approach.. a full rear in rehab, and now getting a job and setting up a house, and continuing to send word and contact for his boys.. They seemed to understand that he does love them and that he is working to rebuild a life for them... We will continue to follow this family closely...

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