Saturday, October 16, 2010

One more trip around the mountain

Today was one more trip around the end of the Valley.

Today was Isar's first day back to work since his family was in the accident, and his sister in law was killed . His niece and Mom are still in the hospital and his brother is home with two more little kids. Today we paid him for the full week, I am sure he was blessed, this time he did not argue with us, But some how it just seems so small... I wish we could comunicate better, but I am sure he knows thatwe are hear for them... This is going to take a long time to heal, if it ever does.. We will be in this with them for the long haul... he is one of the team, and we are all efected by this in a small way.
Today We were bringing a medical team to give them a feel for Kyrgyzstan and the work that we do here before they get into the training next week. It is always good to bring some one new . We get to see things from fresh eyes. A few years back, we would put on this “smile” and pretend like we were not shocked ... then that moved to us being so thrilled with the progress and those we brought still being pretending to smile..., but today, as we toured around, you could see that things have gone much deeper... things are starting to really take form.. more then as Ruby would say “ Three hots and a cot” ... In the seniors home, they were all busy doing there thing.. the old men were tinkering away with rebuilding electric motors and radio’s , some of the ladies were out in the flower garden... in the kitchen, one of the Babushka’s was pouring tea and setting the tables for lunch.. first time with their beautiful new chairs... They knew heat was coming and were relaxed... it was just a great visit... one old lady that we just moved may remember her from the summer when Sergey found her on the streets... she was weeping whenever we saw her. This is so common for them when they come. It takes about a week or two for them to settle in.. they just can not imagine that they will be looked after and they are so overwhelmed...
Later in the day we stopped at Aigoola’s house for lunch. It was a great opportunity for the team to experience what a traditional Kyrgyz family gathering might be... One again Aigoola out did herself... She has become such a blessing to us, and everyone that meats her... Her storey alone is one of over whelming redemption... from an abusive life threatening situation, to life in the orphanage, to receiving a second chance, to now being a active member of out team, working to provide a good living for her family, and at the same time being a shelter in the storm for those around her...
We stopped at Larisa’s as well... handed her the documents for two more surgeries and picked up squash and honey for the seniors home.. What an incredible lady she is ..
Tonight we had supper with David and Jane and the team, as well as the parents from the families from Osh are home now so we had them join us.. One again we had a great time with them . They wanted to talk to us today. They feel a need to return to the south to help their friends rebuild, but their kids do not want to go.. They say that they like the school, and they like not feeling threatened.. they feel safe here and would like to stay. One of the Aunts has agreed to stay with the kids, but they just want to make sure that everyone will be OK, so they have asked if we could keep an eye out for them and be here if the had troubles... It is a good thing I think, that we do not live here year round.. it stops me from doing things like moving them in with us... If we did live here all the time , we would need a really big house... Even Day springs would not hold all our friend...hahaha..


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