Friday, October 08, 2010

Hope for the Future

This morning while Emma was over at DaySprings making curtains, Julie and I went over to the container with Vlady to bring more stuff. We met the girl again that will be working there.   Jildez has been working with Vlady for the summer. When we first met her she was introduced to us as "Just some mountain girl that he found" for those of you who know Vlady you can just imaging him saying I am sure that there is an interesting storey in there some where .. I can't wait till we get a chance to talk to her with a different translator and hear all about her. But I do know that Vlady and his wife have been doing  a lot to help her , and this store will be a great importunity for her as well.  
   We went over to the Tshirt factory today as well, but people have started to huntker down before the election, so it was closed today.. On that note, starting tomorrow, we will switch back to Isar as the driver for us and the LAMb teams until we know that things are stable. As well we will do a big shop in the morning to make sure that if we have to lay low for a few days, that we will have plenty of food for ourselves and  any of our friends that come to visit, but at this point we are not expecting much trouble.. everyone says that it is too close to winter, and people are concerned about that.
   We had lunch at Dayspings today with Acel and Aigoola, Vlady and Sergey and ourselves, and we were trying to come up with a name for the sign at the bazaar.. I had said Social Co-op, but we are having a hard time with that .. for 2 reasons, Social makes people think of Communist, and the word cooperate is not a word or a concept that Russian people would understand...hahaha.. I had to chuckle about that ...The name that works well in Russian and Kyrgyz translates into English as "Hope for the Future" ... It seemed fitting that that is what we are trying to do here is to bring hope.

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Anonymous said...

Grammy says - My heart leapt when I saw the bars - I thought you were finally allowed in - and I saw myself there! Then I realized where you really were. It looks great and I haven't given up hope for the "other kind."