Wednesday, October 20, 2010

invalid home update

This morning was another hurried start, I was taking the medical team to the invalid home to meat with the Dr's and hospital administrators from all over the valley... Julie and Bekah were teaching at the university all day today ... and we all got up 20 minutes before we were to be at our destinations... fortunately Isar was right on time and got us all to work on time.. but sure was a hard start to the day.. I guess that is what we get staying up until 2 am this morning... I guess no mater what time you get in you want to unwind a bit before bed. We were out late last night with David and Jayne for some very important counceling after an already busy day .
So any way with Julie and Bekah off to teach, Emma was at the bazaar doing a bit more shopping with Aiperi, and I was off to the invalid home with the team. It was a great day ... many things came up like how to change public perception of the home.. how to help people to understand that these men have something to offer.. how to bring the men dignity... the questions kept coming all day. Many of the guests were amazed at the invalid home now.. they could not even imagine that it was the same place, and admitted that they thought we were strange to invite people to a seminar in such a place, but now they see that it is possible ... when they found out that the men themselves did the work they were even more amazed...
At lunch, we went to the yurts for shashleek with the team, and brought Laurisa, the director and the two key Dr's with us as well. It was great to have the change to talk and share visions more with them.. the team really got them dreaming of future projects like rooms for independent living , and personalizing rooms, and projects that would help the community that would bring recognition to the men's abilities... not focus on disabilities..
When we got back to the home we went for a tour , and the team got to see all the progress... many many improvements.. it is incredible. we worked our way up to the very last wing of the very last floor ... this is the one that was painted this week with the paint that we brought there with Benjamin. the took us down the hall to a room full of men sitting there facing an old table... with nothing on it... the hint was that they would like one more TV for the men in this section... I had to chuckle a little , but it sure would be nice to get them a TV .. I will have to price it out. But I do know that tomorrow morning our first stop will be at the bazaar to buy 250 pairs of underwear.
Tonight we all got in at about 4:30 and quickly cleaned up the house and cooked supper for 20. We had our Uzbek friends over for a curry cook off.. We both cooked a batch of curry and we made a big put of rice and banana spilts .. it was a really great night .. We have a lot to do tomorrow to clear the slate before our next team arrives.. they will be in the air in a few hours...

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Grammy is looking forward to pictures of the grand arrival of the next team.