Thursday, October 21, 2010

0ff to the airport in a few hours

Today was a lot easier day around town. It gave me time to get a few things taken care of before the next team arrives and things start to get buisy.
-Picked up the team and headed to the bazaar... bought 2 cases of banana's and 450 diapers for the Baby orphanage
-Met with the Director and medical staff at the Baby orphanage.  They were incredibly thankful for this medical team.. the greatest thing about this is that this team has Russian speakers on staff and is open for setting up on line consultation for the staff here at the Baby orphanage.   The biggest drawback is that they do not have Internet at the orphanage... I discussed this with the director.. she would absolutely love to have Internet so she would be able to stay up to date with things that are going on, and also be able to start doing so much more, and more efficiently if she could start sending and receiving emails.. I told her I would have Sergey come by next week and take a look at there computer and see what we can do to get her connected.. now I just need to find someone that would like to support the orphanage with keeping the Internet on... it will be about $30 a month.  
- Headed back to the bazaar to pick up an assortment of teas and chocolates for the staff of the invalid home as a little blessing for them. as well we ordered 250 wool winter socks.  The pair of socks and underwear we bought them last year is starting to get worn out, so it is time for new before the winter.. I have also asked for the price of the new underwear for them as well..

-Sent Isar over to Acels to bring money for a small project we are working on with them.  We are doing seminars and training in the city with families to promote family values.. you may remember this from last fall.  We had Sergey video tape many of their outings,  We have found a movie producer that will produce a Kyrgyz movie for us promoting families that will feature the events and outings we have sponsored over the last year , so We sent them $200 today to get the finishing touches put on the film before Saturday when there will be a conference. 
-Made plans for for the weekend for the Medical team to make sure they were all set with drivers and translators.
-Organized for two children to go to the International hospital for operations. on Friday.
- Priced out heaters for the Iskra hospital  and made arrangements to install the first heater as soon as we find the money. right now the hospital has NO heat, and with winter here it is very difficult for them to do exams and procedures when it is so cold inside. I found a large size heater / air conditioner that will cover half the hospital for only $320 installed, and for another $100 I could put in a hot water heater for them so they will have hot water too.
-We booked the bowling ally in Bishkek for a triple birthday party, then we will be bringing every one to a new restaurant we found in bishkek.
-We booked a restaurant here in Tokmok for Sunday night when we will be hosting a a group of Altynai's friends from the university. 
- set the schedule for Monday .. delivering humanitarian aid to the big seniors home and visit Nikoli  .. you may remember him from Feb. 2008 blog posts.. then lunch at the rehab center and then pick up more stock for the store at the Red river Orphanage.
- contacted and arranged to send the medical team out to one of the hospitals that had their director at the invalid home lst week.  She would like help setting up an independent living center .. there will be a lot of work to do before this ever happens, but it is so cool that they are even discussing it .
-Had supper with David and Jayne and the medical team
-getting ready to go to the airport in a few hours to pick up friends from Home, as well as another guest arriving to join the medical team .
there were about a dozen other things on the go today, but I forget right now....
At super I was talking to Natasha and Julie shared that she thought that it was just about time for me to find an assistant.. one that could keep up with me .. Natasha thought that was funny... But really Emma and Bekah do a great job at keeping things organized and making appointments and reservations.. but the poor girls are facing some pretty complex situations with no driver and no translators.. so everything has an potential to be very interesting... but then it does when we all speak the same language so I guess it doesn't mater.

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