Sunday, October 10, 2010

One more big step.

    Our young friend Torat is one Big step closer to having his dream fulfilled to go to Collage in Krovy Rog Ukraine. He has a sponsor for his schooling, and today he arived with his new in country passport. This is a big hurtle for a young boy who grew up in an orphanage...   He came in and sat down beside Altynai in our living room.. he was all dressed up and pretty pleased .. Altynai got a little smile on her face, and shared  how she just had a flash back to the two of them in the orphanage together a long time ago... They were not worried about passports and being dressed nice, or about college or University,  but rather they were more concerned about if there would be food for them that night.. This is the same boy that only a couple years ago, we could not get to dream or take a moment and think about himself when we took him to the bazaar shopping.. all that was in him could only worry about bringing food home to his family. 
    As long as things are calm after the Elections, we will take him to Bishkek on Tuesday to apply for his International passport.     

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