Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day one with the Ladies

when the team got in we let them sleep for a couple hours then it was off to work.
first stop was to the T-shirt factory to pick up an order for the store, then we headed to the bazaar to bring the shirts and some felt slippers.  the girls took the opportunity to do a little shopping ... then we went over and picked up 250 pairs of socks for the men at the invalid home... they were ordered by the medical team from Alaska.. we also found that it would be about $150 to get them all underwear.
From there  Bekah and Paula headed for the University and a party with the English department , and Judy joined us for Tea at daysprings and a chance for her to meat Acel. and see the gardens she will be planting next week.
  Judy and Emma then went to the orphanage to bring the  mitts for the kids, while Julie and I went back to the apartment to cook supper for English club.   We had lots of fun with the kids, and Judy got to tell them all about her journey here, while the kids had to listen close to write down all the numbers that she said during the storey..they enjoyed that. then we played pictionary, but they had to say the word in English to win the candy.  By 8:00 we figured they had been up enough so we brought them home.  Emma staid with them last night in case the wanted to go for a walk this morning, she could be with them until they got themselves orientated.
  Today began with Paula helping Altynai with some English. Acels girls were here early, and we will meat up with their parents tonight when we bring 30 something to Bishkek to go bowling and put for supper to celebrate the birthdays of 3 of our sponsored kids.. and one of our friends in America that we know is here with us in her heart. Should be a great day...

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