Saturday, October 09, 2010

The heat is on to turn on the heat.

This morning we  busied ourselves doing some shopping to stock up in case the elections turn ugly.. we are ready to spend a few extra days inside.. maybe we will be able to catch up on some office work.
  This afternoon, we went out to the seniors home with the rest of the LAMb team.  It was a great time. They put on a concert for us, then we did a litle entertaining of our own.  After the concert Ruby organized the team to serve a great meal for everyone.. soup / salad / and roasted chickens. while there we were taking pictures of the beautiful mouintains around us.. We saw the beauty, the sunset glistening of the snow caps.. but for the seniors they do not see the beauty,
   Every night, the snow caps come a little closer.  very soon the cold will be upon them .  One of the older men came to us and shared his concern.  Last year we put in the heating system for them, but we were only able to put in the boiler and the heating on the ground floor.  we got the upstairs plumbed, but did not have the money for the heat rads.  It was not a problem for them then as there were not that many, but now they have the upstairs being used by the men. With out heat they will have to move down stairs.. this is not a big problem except for the fact that they would have to spend a bit of money to make some dividers in the infirmary to accommodate the men.  But the biggest problem is what concerns us.. without the upstairs heat,. we are at capacity. right now we have 4 seniors on a waiting list (including 3 that we want to bring there )  to come to the home, but we can not except them until we know we will have the heat for them.    It is so important for us to have a place that we can bring seniors we find in need.. Our first instinct was to say lets just do it. but calmer heads prevailed...  It will cost us $1500 to bring in heat and maintain the ability to bring more in out of the cold.  We have decided that we need to back burner some other needs until we can solve this... $1500 is a lot of money, but when you consider that it will give us 15 beds.. that's a one time  $100 a bed...    Please consider sponsoring a bed or two before the snow reaches us

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