Thursday, October 28, 2010

busy morning

First stop was to bring more crafts to the shop at the bazaar.It is really starting to look like a store...Here our "Mountain Girl" showa us a new apron. I had to laugh... when Vlady introduced her to us he introduced her as "The Mountain Girl" and today when we were discussing business with her she was refuring to Vlady as the "Russian Man "... suddenly it struck me as funny... no wonder they get along ..they are cut from the same clothe... " The Mountain Girl and the Russian Man"...hahahah

We then did some shoping fort the hospital.. The emergency Dr is often left trying to feed the people that come to him, and he has no budget for that so we wanted to bring him some soup packets and biskets... we met this sweet old lady on our rounds .. she is 86 and still works in the bazaar every day.. we paid with a large bill and watched her dig through the layers of cloths to un pin little bags of money... she giggled and called it her "Babushka stash"...

After delivering the food and other medical suplies to the emergency DR . We was very appreciative, and wants Sergey and I to go fishing and hunting with him. Next stop was the baby hospital. Judy was very moved when she met the Dr and heard how hard she works to help all the people we bring her.

We then met the newest arival... a bay born at 20 weeks .. It is just over 1.5 kg

This is a teaching hospital, so we got a chance to talk with the new students.

Judy then got to see the new washing machine hooked up and working now that there are bars on the windows and doors to make sure that it does not dissapear. They also built a drying rack for the blankets and sheets as well.

Next stop was the baby hospital to bring more supplies. We also had Sergey check out her computer to see what is needed to be able to set them up on internet... It looks do-able

Here Judy is showing the Dr some of the pnemonia vests made by some of the friends of ours in Canada.

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