Friday, October 08, 2010

The Evelution of the English Language

Fridays and Mondays we try to finish up early because it is a special day for us.  We have English club on those nights. It sure is nice to have our kids back home with us a couple nights a week... I read on face book that Monday is not that far from Friday, but Friday sure is a long way from Monday.  English club is also supper club. This helps their new parents out with the food bill and gives them a little quiet time alone twice a week to help adjust to the big family... pluss we get to enjoy the kids.  Today they were a dozen of us around the dinning room table ..funny if I was just a little taller I could lay down on the dinning room floor and touch all four walls at the same time it is so small.. but that does not stop us... three on each side... we still have room for 4 on each corner...
   The poor kids have been getting in trouble at school because of us... Just some small isues... in school they are tought that the Th sound is pernounces ZZZ and the ay in day is E as in fridee ... so it was fiting that on zersde they got maked down a mark for of all thinks pronouncing it THursdAY. hahah... so we have told them that there is the right way to pronounce things and that they still need to know the wrong way if they want the mark... kind of like our kids and Evelution !

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Rinata said...

that is a really funny story ... i always got in trouble in school for correct pronunciation, haha.