Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A dream come true for Judy

Many of you will remember this photo .. Judy remembers it.. as it was the photo that chalanged her, and began her journey to today... She decided two years ago that she was going to love and care for these forgoten kids.. and she has.. For the last two years she has been one of the key suporters of Larisa, and has worked to make these girls lives better from the other side of the world. Her dream was to one day come here and hold them herself....

The kids were so happy to see her, and there was an instant connection.

then it was off to get their brother

When we got to the orphanage , they were excited to show us the new doors that we had installed for them , not only will they be much warmer this winter, but with the doors being able to be locked, it will be much safer for them.

This was the first door we installed , but they are having some trouble with the water coming on to it from the roof, and they are afraid that it will get damaged.. already it has started to show signs of swelling... What we really need to do is to put a small roof over this step. It would be great to cover the hole porch, for the kids that come and go in the rain.

We then gathered up the younger brother and brought them out to a restaurant.

Later in the day We went to Day springs to help Acel get ready for a big day .

Many friends of Acel and Talants were coming over to bless the new home and to celebrate the new baby . This is a very big event for them, and Acel wanted everything to be just right ...

It was a lot of fun to be able to work along side her in this beautiful kitchen.. We learned to make Borsoke.. the small fried bread that covers the table, three different types of salad, and then we got to make the Bishbalmak... We told her that if there was anything that was not perfect, she could just tell them it was because the Canadians were bothering her in the kitchen all day .

It was a wonderful night ... One of their traditions is that they pas the baby from person to person and the look into the babies eyes and speak a blessing .. very neet....

We helped in the kitchen and serving until every one had been feed, then joined them..
They appeared to be very blessed by this... though who knows what they were saying when they left..hahhaa.. but every one did have a great time,, and they all committed to doing anything they could to make this home a home of PEACE, and to except who ever was in this home as FAMILY....
We then did the last supper thing and said..."Get over to this side of the table if you want your picture taken"

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