Thursday, October 07, 2010

stocking up

This morning we were up early to bring Emma and Aigoola over to the Dayspirings house to make curtains, then it was off on the road for the day. Our first stop was to stop in and see the director of one of the Orphanages to set up a visit from a team we have coming but it is raining today, so he was not able to do business... just visit.  Then it was on to another orphanage where we made arrangements to pick up the beautiful floor mats and pillows for us to sell for them in the Bazaar.  next stop was the Chinese Bazaar where we are trying to get a printer, but it is raining today, so they could not sell it to us... they suggested that we call back at 4 and see if it had stopped raining ..Hummmmm... any ways on to the used furniture market to get more beds for the seniors home..  not a great deal was to be had today, but we did manage to have 7 beds delivered to the home... then it was off to lunch at the Metro.  We had not been here for a couple years because the owner yelled at some of our kids a long time ago and I never really got over it, but Bekah was pretty certain we needed a good hamburger... the only other place to get a good burger here is called "Bigamont"...or Hippo burger..hahaha..  After lunch we went to the street kids orphanage here in Bishkek... there we purchased a bunch more crafts.. they are absolutely incredible... they will be great for the store.  From there we headed to the rehab center. It was a two fold visit,  It was a two fold visit.. one was to bring a photo of our new friends to their father.  He was so happy to see them, and to know that we had been with them and had done some shopping for them.  The center is in such a beautiful spot, the mountains look different every time we go there .. the other reason we were there was to pick up some salad for the store. They have lots of honey, but we will be getting new special glass bottles for the honey next week. 
   Then it was back home and a  quick stop over to DaySprings to bring Emma some cloths because she is going to stay there this week to help Acel and Talant get settled in.  Tomorrow will be a big day. We will go to the T-shirt factory then over to the store to start setting up.  I will have more photos tomorrow..

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