Friday, August 07, 2015

Available Sponsorships

Before we left Kyrgyzstan in June, we had some of the kids write letters to their sponsors.  at one of the small orphanages, there was a group of about a dozen kids there that day. Two of the kids do not have sponsors, but we did not have the heart to tell them, so we just had everyone write a letter.  I did not realize at the time how much this was going to bother me, you see  now we have two sponsorship update letters sitting on our table here with no one to send them to.  so ironic .. orphaned twice in a life time.   We leave in a week, and I sure would like to have these in the mail to a sponsor before we go.  If you would like to be that person, please consider signing up for a monthly sponsorship , and we will send you an update letter this week. 

sponsorship letters sent out a couple weeks ago .. just 2 left 

We have another sponsorship that is an important  one for us.  As you likely know, Bekah is attending University in Bishkek.  This allows for her to get visa support to live and study in Kyrgyzstan. She is not allowed to work in Kyrgyzstan  for pay, but she does do an incredible amount of volunteer work.   The first half of her Tuition is due in a few weeks, and she still needs about $2500 to cover this .  We have been busy with so many other needs and projects that this one has just sort of crept up on us .  If you would like to invest in Bekah and the work that she does in Kyrgyzstan, I know that she would be so thankful. 

Bekah preparing Christmas gift bags 

Visiting the children's treatment centre 

The kids all love to see her 

|Bekah arranged a group of students to come out and do hand massages for the seniors at the seniors home 

Delivering a food hamper to a timed out orphan

out working at the farm

back to school shopping with a family that we support 

Translating for a wedding service in the mountains 

Visiting with one of the Babushka's she helps care for in her home 

Visiting in Canada with her young friend adopted from an orphanage in Kyrgyzstan 

Sharing about the great things happening in Kyrgyzstan , singing a song in Kyrgyz, Russian, English and French.  
If you would like to sponsor Bekah with either a one time scholarship grant or on going monthly support, please use the apropriate donate button on the right side of this blog, and in the memo just put "Bekah for school" 

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