Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Just imagine ..

I don't know how many posts I have started with the words "CAN YOU IMAGINE".. but today I have to begin that way again .. Can you just imagine the joy and excitement for a group of orphans when they have an opportunity to leave the orphanage and go to one of the most elite water resorts in the country in the middle of the summer .. What an exciting time . 

Several years ago, Mason was with us in Kyrgyzstan when we helped to transfer some kids from one orphanage to another.  They were scared, and saw Mason as a safety figure , and stuck to him like glue for a few days. Todays outing was all about coming back and letting them know that Mason had not forgotten them .  

This was a great excuse for a party of their life time .. the entire orphanage was brought to the resort for a day of fun, then taken out for supper .  I was a great day , I will let the pictures talk for themselves. 

thank you Mason 

Even the guests from the farm joined in to help with the kids 

Mason 3 years ago with his young friend 

Mason brought a T-shirt for him today from his new University 
There are so many heart wrenching times when you do what we do, but days like today are just that much more special .. Thank you Mason for your heart and your generosity , making this such a special day for ALL the kids .. memories that will last them a life time .. HOPE for the future .   

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