Thursday, August 13, 2015

They made it

Last night we dropped Bekah and her dog at the airport .  We were not sure if she would get on the flight , so it was sort of  dry run for Sunday when Julie and I were coming, and knew we could bring the dog, but that would have meant a drive to JFK in NY.  Fortunately there was no problem and they let her go.  Every one in the airport was googoo gaga over her .. this made Bekah happy

Mason and Emma were busy today , delivering underwear and t-shirts to kids. They also set up some games for the kids and spent the afternoon with them at the orphanage.

Mean while back at the farm the barley was being harvested 

 this is a good sight to see . the clover planted under the barley is doing well too.

More games out at the orphanage , as well as delivering ice cream to the kids at the treatment centre 

Then in the middle of the night Bekah and Lilly landed safe and sound in Bishkek , all the bags arrived as well .  All the documents were in order and Lilly had a vet inspection, then it was off to the apartment .  Lilly could not contain her smile .. she is happy to be there with Bekah 

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