Monday, August 03, 2015

25 years ago today!

25 years ago today, Julie and I were married.  It is hard to believe where that last 25 years has brought us, I can't imagine where the next 25 will find us.    

The next big adventure will start in a few weeks .  Julie and Acel will be walking the Camino, 800 km in just 39 days.   Bringing awareness and support to women and girls in distress. 

Bekah's dog Lilly will be going to Kyrgyzstan with us this trip. It has become clear the Bekah is not moving back to Canada any time soon.  Turkish Air will not fly a large dog and have been most uncooperative . So Julie and I will fly on Aeroflot and bring her with us.  The only difficulty there is that Aeroflot no longer flys from Canada and we can't get a conecting flight that will take the dog, so we will drive to JFK and fly from there.  a first world problem .  Every thing we had to do to prepare her basicly had to be done any ways, like up to date shots, the only extra is that she needed to micro chipped for proof of ownership .. Lily was not so sure about that !

Julie and I have been traveling a lot sharing the great things that are hapening in KG , Next week we will be in Brantford, looking forward to it . 

We are sending out the updates for the sponsored kids.  We had them write little letters for their sponsors.  A couple of the kids don't have a sponsor, but we did not have the heart to tell them that so they made cards too.  So the cards are sitting on the table ready to put an address on to who ever would like to sponsor them .. if you are interested , let us know and we will have Julie set you up.

Emma and Jengish have been away for a week, so Gossey has been staying out at the farm .  When they dropped him off, everyone was given very strict orders about looking after him, in fact every day they have to send Jengish a short video as proof of life.  The first day they were away Jenish called back to check in, but when Jengish asked them to put Gossey on the line so he could talk to him.. Acelbeck would not go for it and and just responded "Good bye Jengish."
here is today's 'proof of life'  

We are working on a deal right now to expand the girls side of the farm. This will allow us to bring women and girls in crisis to the farm and help them get a fresh start in a safe surrounding. 

I see the  possibilities here and again I can not help get a little overwhelmed. Just imagine if you will a young mother brideknaped and abused, then finally escapes only to be disowned by her family and told she is dirty or soiled now. the feeling of  being abandoned and alone with no HOPE for her future, then to be excepted with open arms and given a home to live on a little farm with a picket fence. A place that she can regain her documents making her a person, regain her dignity making her whole, and given a job to rebuild her confidence ad self worth .. and thats why Julie and Acel will be walking 800 km ..

this is where Jengish and Emma are right now, guiding a group of film makers . 

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