Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Here we GROW again

Started the day off with a trip to the mens home, friends of ours from another NGO had brought a team out to the home to see all the chnges since they were here last.  They loved the new dinning hall, and decided to replace all the old dilapidated  tables with all new ones .. what a blessing .. the men were soooo happy 

While I was doing that , Jengish was at the land registery office picking up the documents from the house deal that closed a couple days ago.  He then met with the owners of the next house and was able to close that deal and pick up the keys today. Then he got things rolling for the paper work for the next farm that will we closing in a couple weeks .. So about todays farm ..

It is a nice solid built small home .. needs not much more then a fresh paint job and only a few little repairs to the foundation.  It has a work shop, entrance hall, then a nice little living dining area with a good stove for cooking and heating .  Then there is one large bedroom ..  As soon as we get caught up with the crops, we will send the kids over to do a little yard work . 

Kitchen with coal stove 
bed room 

this is the house plan , except the wall between the lower right room and the kitchen has been removed making it much more functional 
 the lot is a standard lot, except it has a whole other section the vears off and follows the creek , giving a garden that is almost twice the normal size . 

Here it is not good to leave a home empty for very long or you end up with trouble, besides we knew that there must be a reason why this farm purchase happened .. Well the answer to who will live here may have been answered.  With in 15 minutes of receiving word that the deal closed,  Emma got a cll from one of her girls.. She has a husband and 3 kids, and he is now out of work, and needs a job and may need a place to stay .. We will investigate more in the morning and make sure we are getting the full storey 

Sergey got a call that a new baby was just brought to the hospital .. it is a preemie, and needed special formula that was very expensive .. over $10 a box .. something that is just not possible for the young parents .. more then a days wages.   Sergey was so blessed to be able to have the funds in place for emergencies like this, and he went right over with this need .. A life was saved today because the last time we put the need out there , some of you responded and covered the need and sent some extra so that when an emergency situation came up we could act quickly .. 

Back at the farm things are starting to get caught up .. this was the sight of the old garage that was falling down. .. the mess is all cleaned up now.  You can see that the house has been fully re parged and new foundations .. the next project here is to put on a new roof  ($1000) and in the future we would like to pour cement or put down patio stones ,.. ($1500) along the drive way and in the court yard .. this is just dirt and when it rains it turns into mud ..

It was a long hard day for the boys.  They moved 300 bales of straw from the front yard where they were droped last night.  They brought them back to the barm and put them up in the loft . 

Tomorrow they will move the grain inside as well.  Then we need to get the ripe tomatoes in and a batch of tomato sauce made.  

Jengish heads off tomorrow for another movie shoot. He will be gone a week, but Emma and \I will be able to look after things for him.  We have some friends from Canada coming in Saturday morning for a week and a half .. so Emma and I will get everything that we need for canning, and we will be ready for a few long hard days of canning . 

We will be soon caught up with the produce and the crops in off the fields for now, second cut of hay in a few weeks ... We can start painting and getting the houses ready for the ones that will be joining us.  

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