Saturday, August 08, 2015

Friends come out to the farm to help with more deliveries .

We have some guests right now out at the farm , as well as a return visit from Mason,  a friend of ours.  Mason was at the farm in the spring when we were just getting things ready for planting, so its fun that he is able to come back and help with the harvesting and the delivery of food to some of the kids that he knows .  Today they started harvesting the tomatoes.   

Mason with a box of tomatoes 
2 boys from KG, one from Germany and one from Ohio .. all out picking food for the orphanage 
some good looking tomatoes 
car loaded up ready to go to the orphanage 
Mason , Emma and the farm guests on the way to the orphanage 
pretty excited to see all this food 

posing for a quick photo 

its hard to stop and smell the flowers when they are 12 feet tall

Emma found some pumpkins have started to grow 
a good size already

Ducks and geese are out for their morning walk .  Goosey is the big white goose in the front left ..

So Goosey appears to be a little offended with the world because Jengish and Emma were away for a week, and then all we got was the photo above.  So he told them off and insisted on a few more pictures and some iof the storey  about his time on the farm . 

these are his little duckling friends. there are about 50 of them and they have five big ducks that look out for them   

Goosey likes to play on the front lawn during the day, and in the evening there are lots of people living on the farm that like to play with him.   He especially likes the little girls across the street that run over to visit with him and play with him when they see him out. 

These two duck friends of Gosseys have even been to the apartment in the city for an over night with him so that they could make friends with him before Goosey came out to stay on the farm.

This big muscovy duck in the back ground is Elvis.. he looks big and mean, but he is actually very nice.  He taught Goosey a neat trick .. if you go over to the neighbor's house and call out to her, she will bring food out and feed you ... what a wonderful thing to know ..  

So now that Goosey has so many friends and has mastered the farm life, he may spend more time there.  sure he will still return to the city from time to time .. but first we will need to find him a bigger pail.

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