Saturday, August 29, 2015

Actofkindness ON THE WAY

Yesterday afternoon a young girl came out to see us at the farm,  She bride naped twice and rescued twice .. all by the time she was 15 years old.  We have helped her with school,  she wants to suceed, but has a hard time moving forward.. She is damaged goods.  Julie and Emma spent some time talking with her and discussing her plans for the fall .  She is now 17 yers old, she has been to school for hair dressing, but does not feel that she is ready to face people in such a closs way .. She would like to go back to school for accounting and ecoomics .  There was alot more to the discussion, but when Julie gave her a hug and told her that some how we would find a way to help her, and that we loved her, she just broke down and started to cry.. Its strange how we can condition ourselves to be tough and deal with life, but when some one is nice to us, that puts us over the edge .. 

Last night as Julie was doing a final pack for the 800 km walk through spain, she looked at me with the same tears in her eyes , and said " thats why we are doing this"  This young girl may be kept nameless, and have no voice in thre world , But Julie does and has .. and she is using it to say that this is not right and we can and will do something about it.  and they have taken the first step Today the borded a plain bound for Turkey and on to France.  

Many of us have heard about bride knaping, sex trade, human traficing, but it is easy to step aside and do nothing , simply because it does not hit home .. But that is simply not the truth.. We can all make a difference.  We need to shine light onto these dark corners of society .. not just in Kyrgyzstan but around the world , and in our own back yard.    You can start right here, riht now , Make a donation to this project here on the blog so we can be hands on with the resorces to come along side partenering organizations and people to provide a safe place for those being abused, documents so they can move forward, medical care, schooling and life skills training, and the opertunity for kids who have been rescued to grow up.. After you make a donation, we ask that you would find and share an artical on social media .. this will help us all to recognise the injustice that is taking place in those dark places.. then third, challange two friends to do the same.    

For the next fourty days  that Julie and I are walking lets think about why they are doing this, and  lets bring the awareness and resorces needed to make a difference 
Please donate now to help with a simple 
actofkindness ON THE WAY 

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