Sunday, August 23, 2015

first couple days with our friends

Our long time friends and neighbours from Canada arrived here in Kyrgyzstan yesterday morning to help us get caught up .. The kids are away at Camp, Kolya starts university and Jengish is on a movie shoot, so it was great timing to have some extra hands 

Jaidon checking out the farm 

I made fast friends with the new billy goat, he is has such a nice temperment.  

We collected some produce for our house and a little extra for some food hampers .

Digging carrots and potatoes 
On the way back home we stopped and picked up the second harvest of honey .. 40 litres, bring the total from the last month to 75 litres 
We managed to get 35 litres bottled up, but still have another 40 litres to go 

every one was in on the action 

jars are ready for sale 

Bekah and Jaidon packed up a care pack for the babushka next door 

Good thing there was a couch behind him when he fell asleep at the dinner table 

this morning we were up early and out to the animal Bazar.  Yvonne and Jaidon loved all the horses 

then on the way through the small animal section we accidently came home with this young turkey (who is penned in our balconey tonight waiting a ride to the farm in the morning )  
It was great to be back in Tokmok in time to go to the baby dedication of baby Karaline. She is  beautiful 

This afternoon we went with Sergey and the boys to the lake at Hawai  for a swim 

Jaidon loved the zebra wanna be ..

Badger , Badger, Badger, Badger MUSHROOM 

 finished off the day with a bowl of icecream and a cold drink. Tomorrow we will be heading out to the farm to make the Salsa sauce and the zucchini relish, then for a little drive up unto the mountains.  Hopefully Julie can join us tomorrow, she has been home sick with stomach flu. 

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