Monday, August 31, 2015

On The way starting day 3

Last night the girls made it from paris to the city of Bayonne 

Surrounded by sturdy fortifications and splashed in red and white paint, Bayonne (Baiona in Basque), capital of the French Basque Country, is one of the most attractive towns in southwest France. Its perfectly preserved old town (until 1907 it was actually forbidden to build outside the town's fortifications) and shoals of riverside restaurants are an absolute delight to explore.
In addition to its chocolates, which you'll see sold throughout France, Bayonne is famous for its prime cured ham and for the ba├»onnette (bayonet), developed here in 1640 on rue des Faures (Blacksmiths' Street).
The Rivers Adour and Nive split central Bayonne into three: St-Esprit, the area north of the Adour; Grand Bayonne, the oldest and most attractive part of the city, on the western bank of the Nive; and the very Basque Petit Bayonne quarter on the east.
To the west, Bayonne meets the suburban sprawl of Anglet (famed for its beaches) and the glamorous seaside resort of Biarritz.

This is just a short stop for them , in around 10 pm and then on the next train for St Jean Pied Port  by 8 am .  the hotel they are staying in is in this old part of town beside the train station .

Each day as the girls are walking for the women of Kyrgyzstan I will be sharing an example of the needs that they will be helping ... Here is what is going on right now .

There is a young mom on here way to Tokmok with her baby that is sick , She is from one of the outer villages, Her husband works but the employer has no money to pay them the last couple months.  They need to go to the DR but have no money for the dr, no money for the trip in, and no money for meds... and in all likely hood the baby is sick becuase they did not have money for proper baby food.   Today is a holiday so even if she could get to town there would be no Dr's working today.
Emma is making clls and we will pick up one of our Dr friends and go out to see them with Food, medicin and anything else that they need.  Thankfull that we can help like that .. On her own , this young mother would have NO WAY.. this is why many poor children end up in orphanages , but by helping her we can keep them together .. This is just an example of how by suporting and donating now, you could be THE WAY to make a difference in her life and many like her .. Please donate NOW

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