Friday, August 28, 2015

Julie and Acel are on their way .. and so much more

I missed a post yesterday, and already it seams that so much has happened .. here is a little catch up to bring you up to speed of where we are now . 

Some of the different canning we have done in the last week..
 We spent Wednesday loading up the vans with produce and vitamins and delivered them around the valley.   What a great day to be able to bless so many people , not just enough to eat that day, but food to can themselves for the winter . 

Jaedon was in charge of the tomatoes, he said that this car load was from just 10 plants .. that still leaves 990 plants to pick 

first stop was to a family we have been friends with here since 2009 .. can't believe how much the youngest has grown 

Luba's baby was visitig with her grandparents .. it was good to see the boys as well.. we have known them since they were in the orphanage in 2006.. 
 Next stop was to the seniors home .  They were very excited   not just for the food, but for the atention of having a team there .. they just love when we visit . One man even started dancing a little jig when he saw us . 

We left a bunch of produce at Larissa's as well.  She will use it for the mens home and for some of the families that she supports 

This is the homeless shelter in Tokmok.  

You can't really see it here , but even the ground behind us is piled with squash and zucchini 

This was dropped at Day Spring, but will be used for Jeramiah house as well 
Thursday morning we headed for Bishkek.   We stopped in to see Kolya and take him out for supper with us.  He was just over the top.  His university is beautiful , and he is just sooo excited .  Something very cool happened.  Some one who Bekah knows who wants to remain anonomis, knew of Kolya going to school and decided to buy him a brand new computer and computer bag.  what a blessing for him . 
Kolya showing us his room 
 We gathered up 13 kids from Swetly Put orphanage and brought them to the water park .  They had an incredible time .  It was great , the park had slided for all ages .. 

after our 3 hour time limit was up, we went up on the balcony and enjoyed pizza and pop .. 
 We met up with Jengish and his friend.  They had just recieved the poster and final cut of a movie that they both worked on. You can watch for it at the film festivals .  

Later that night we dropped Kolya back off at school and we said good bye 

Yesterday we were back out at the farm.  We had a cleaning day .. Yvonne worked inside, washing and bleaching everything , and Jaedon worked with the boys and presure washed the out side . 

Today, Julie and Acel are packed and in an hour will be heading for Paris 

They are a little nervous, but know they can do it .. it is for a good cause . 

Not just in Kyrgyzstan, but all over the world, women are being treated wrong with so many different issues.. Sex trade , slavery, physical and emotional abuse , unfair work practices.  This is so prevelent in Central Asia , so we will start where we can .  While they are walking , we challange you to find articles about womens' isues, post them on social media, and tag and challange two friends to not just to do the same , but to donate $25 . 

Buy raising funds and awareness, we will be able to partener with those who are making such a difference here in Kyrgyzstan .  Our goal is to raise $100 000.  Half will be used for infrastructure, and the other half will keep things rolling until we are able to bring a level of self sustainability to the project. .. I will do a seperate post tonight , one that we can share and start the ball rolling .. starting tonight the challange will run for 40 days , while Julie and 
Acel are walking the 800 km 

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