Monday, August 10, 2015

Preparing for winter ..

Lots of fun out at the farm today .  Vlady came out for the day and helped with some of the of the canning, but as a special treat for Mason, Vlady taught them how to make his famous honey cake. They also made tomato sauce, stewed tomatoes and the local favorite Tomato Salad (a type of salsa sauce) Then they prepared a goat for the meals for the next few weeks.   

Tomorrow will be a busy day when they harvest the barley.  

Mason learning how to make honey cake from the master 

Marat is preparing the greens for the Salsa 

Break time with the new ducks .. 100 of them purchased by mistake 

Misha washing and preparing the peppers for Aigoola to chop 

putting lids on the Salsa , Aigoola is re boiling them to make sure they are all sterilized 

Kolya  is playing butcher today .. here he is making the hamburger 

Mason having fun with the neighborhood kids 

Aigoola hard at it 

the lady on the left is a visitor to the farm for the week .  you can see the new puppy under the bench 

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