Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Acel got her visa , She and Julie leave in just 4 more sleeps .

Acel got a Visa for Europe ! it only took 2 months and about 1/2 a dozen meetings at the Embasy, and today she got her 'yes'.  Tonight we bought the tickets .. in the last week they have gone up by $700 each while waiting for the visa .   After checking all available permitations and combinations I found a flight through Turkey the day before they were going to leave, so we managed to save $1125 on flights , and that includes the airport hotel in Paris since they get in the day before late at night.  
While we were waiting to hear from Acels final kick at the visa can results, we kept busy out at the farm . We brought some of the kids from one of the orphanages to teach them how to do canning .. Today we picked hot peppers and made canned pepers , and finished the zucchini relish that was soaking in brine over night. We also husked about 10 dozen cobs of corn 

Aigula making bread 

Bringing in the peppers 

Visiting the ducks

Husking the corn

cooking the relish

the kids come in to check it out 

Goosey hung close all day 

I like this shot .. love all the produce ..garlic in the for ground , onions, corn, peppers, squash -  

jarring the relish 

Jaedon and Aigula putting the lids on the jars 

After lunch we took the kids fishing just up the road.. as a special treat we went to the pond with the big fish 

Every one got to catch a fish 

not sure that smile can get a lot bigger 

Snuffelupagus came down the road .  the hood was completly covered with hay, no idea how he could see 

Next stop was to the hot springs 

the kids loved it 

Jaedon got to see just how hot the water is 

After a swim we went back to the yurt to have supper .. featuring the fish that they caught a couple hours before 

At the end of the day we stoped at the farm on our way home to help Aigula put the animals away for the night

Tomorrow we will be picking a couple car loads of produce, and doing a tour around the valley giveing it all out . 

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