Friday, August 14, 2015

Masons last day

It turns out that Mason's last day in Kyrgystan was Bekah's first day back... Bekah arrived at 2 am and Mason heads for the airport at 2 am the next day, so it was nice that they were able to spend the day together today .. and what a day it was . 

They joined Larisa on a trip to the mens home, and brought a bunch of bunches of banana's to the men . 

A special Thank you to Mason who was such a great encouragement to everyone. He had a busy week and so much was accomplished, and he managed to keep Jengish out of trouble... Mason we would love to have you back any time .

Later in the day they brought Mason back into bishkek where he will spend the evening with Sergey and Anya at the Bishkek apartment, then will go to the airport with Sergey.  While they were out, they left Lilly with Jengishes Brother. They both had a great time .. In fact they had about three walks around the neighborhood  in the first few hours ..

Julie and I are all packed with bags ready at the door.  We will head out tomorrow morning and be back in Kyrgyzstan by Monday afternoon.  

We have friends coming to join us next week, and I was putting together their tickets and Itinerary along with our own .  In the pack, along with the tickets, I have things like letters from the Moscow airport stating that they do not need a visa for transit, and from the Kyrgyz embassy stating that they don't need a visa. Letters from the Hospital, orphanages and schools and National charities asking for help with vitamins along with the vitamin clearance certificates.. then I got to the part about what to do if the bags get lost.. for that I just gave them a copy of Bekah's passport and her phone number , and told them if anything goes wrong... They will be dealing with her ....    

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