Thursday, August 20, 2015

The grain is in, its ok to rain now

Today we were getting the barley into the grainery.  It was nice to see all the ducks and geese outside enjoying them selves , and playing in the irrigation ditch .  

When I got there Goosey had fallen over and was patiently waiting for someone to come and flip him over again 

Here he is back up and playing on the street with his friends . He is the one closest to the front 

here is a picture of the farm that was bought last week .   This farm has buildings in the back that will be used as wood working shops, paint shops and for leather working .

Right between this farm and the second farm we have is one small house. we will be taking possession of it next week .  This property has with it a nice garage that is set up with a car painting shop.  If we can find $1500 by the time the deal closes, we will be able to purchase all the paint equipment, and this will be a great little business for someone living on the farm 

Jengish is working this week on a movie, and they needed a motercycle for the shoot, so they purchased this one and when the shoot is over and they go, the bike will go out to the farm and will be great for picking up supplies, as well as guests staying with us will be able to rent it to go up into the mountains .

Bekah and Julie are in Bishkek again tonight , working on trying to get the visa for Acel to go on the Camino in a couple weeks .. I will let you know tomorrow how it goes. 

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