Saturday, August 01, 2015

Down to the wire.

Almost 10 years ago now we met two amazing young women,  Acel and Olga.  These two could not be more opposite in so many ways, but they do have in common is that they have both dedicated their lives to helping others , each in their own way.  Both actively fight for not just the rights but the well being of women and girls with no voice. 

Acel and Olga working with a team 

In her quiet gentle manor,  Acel is able to bring bring comfort to so many that have found themselves in bad situations, most times it is no fault of their own, but an unjust society . 

Acel giving leadership at a womens day celebration 

When we first went to Kyrgyzstan so many years ago we asked Acel "What is the best way for us to help the Kyrgyz people ?" her response was in keeping with her personality .. " Just LOVE us !"  

Acel translating for Agoola as she shares her story of brideknapping and abuse .

Women and girls of all ages have experienced this LOVE that Acel shares.  She builds strong connections with those around her , whether it is as a caregiver  to abandoned girls, or  support and guidance to young women who have been rescued from kidnapping and sexual abuse , Acel is a calming and encouraging influence. 
Many of the senior women in the community rely on her as well to assist them with their needs , or arrange someone that will, she is a strong yet quiet advocate for all .    

Acel with her mother 

Its no wonder that when given an opportunity to raise awareness of the plight of women  in a land that she loves so dearly, Acel was was quick to respond. 

In just a few weeks, Acel will join Julie and walk the Camino de Santiago .. an 800 km walk over the Pyrenees  mountains , and through Spain.  The journey will take them 39 days. For those 39 days we will be asking you to research, and share information about womens isues..  sex trafficking, bride knaping, spousal abuse, and political injustice.  Not just in Kyrgyzstan but around the world , and at your own back door terrible injustices are happening , and if we raise awareness, we can curb public opinion and drag these isues out of the dark corners, and expose them for what they are .. 

So join this quiet, gentle spirit from a small remote country on the other side of the world as, through her actions, screams from the mountain tops to right a wrong.    

Acel running in a fund raiser to support children and families in need. 

With just a few weeks left before they begin the walk, We are down to the wire and still short funds to get them there . the total cost for the 39 days including flights and visa's and hostels is expected to be about $3100 each..   We will need to raise another $2500 to make this happen . the difficulty is that we need these donations by next week in order to get it through the charity accounts for tax receipts and then forwarded on to Kyrgyzstan in time for them to go .  Please consider helping Acel and Julie today .. 

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Unknown said...

This is so inspiring to read. Ever since Philipp and I decided to come here and get to know the farm, we browsed a lot on your blog. Since it is a rainy day in Kyrgyzstan today, I was on here a little longer and came across this article... When we worked in Ethiopia last year, we first heard about bride kidnapping and have ever since been very interested in women's rights. So sad that we will leave a day after you arrive here. Would have been great to talk some more about it. Can't wait to read more about the walk on the blog! Hopefully we get to meet before we fly back to Germany! Best wishes and safe travels, Natalie