Sunday, September 29, 2013

a day of planning and preparing for the next team .

We started the day early today , with an 8 am delivery of all the pop and water for the next team , we had it bought at the wholesalers in Bishkek and delivered . so now our balcony is full of drinks .

later in the day we went to the Tokmok bazaar to get more supplies , while there we ran into Victor . he rode his bike . he rode about 20km into town to buy a movie and a bag of salt .

 We also bought a new uniform jacket for Baktagul.. it turns out that the last one she bought was a Dr's  jacket and the Dr's did not think that was such a wonderful thing hahah 

   we ate all Emma's strawberry jam with the last team, so she stopped and bought more strawberries to get another batch done . 

 later today we picked up the blankets and started getting the apartments ready for the next team

 stopped at the grocery store and did a little shopping there as well

Then when we got home, Emma and Brook headed for Day spring where they had a birthday party for a few of the girls , Emma had fallen a bit behind so she was able to get caught up today , as well as bring some special treats from our friend Blair from Ohio

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