Friday, September 06, 2013

This may just be your time !

As we sit in the airport we have time to think and plan .  this adventure is on its way , so now we just hang on for the ride .

 Over the next couple months as you watch the blog and see teams come and teams go , hearts mended and lives changed .. you may feel the nudge to come and join us .   Christmas is just around the corner, and the pie challenge will be in full swing before we head back to Canada .  While there we will start plans on how to bring a great Christmas to thousands of our little friends ..and this year that could include YOU...

We are planing a Christmas aid  trip this year , and are looking for some people interested in coming along .. the trip is in the early stages right now but it would likely be around 10 days and would depart JFK the 26th or 27th .   Once we have a possible  team assembled we will finalize dates .  check out some of the posts from the last Christmas team in 2011 . if you are interested , just let us know.
So this year , not only can you get a pie in the face for kids, but then join us and see first hand the excitement and JOY that you have been a part of .

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