Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The team is starting to get tired

The team is starting to get tired , they have been incredible , and have worked so hard, and given 110% and the people they are with can see that ..   Today they were at the mens home for a fun filled day of singing , dancing , face painting , coloring, and even painting murals on the walls .  

 Before leaving , we discussed with the director the difficulty with the heating system .  The main boiler has been fixed and the lines fixed, but the water is returning almost the same temperature as it goes out, but the home is still cold .  What the problem is , is that the radiators are way to small and do not give off enough heat.  There are 47 rooms in 7 sections .  it will cost $90 a room to provide proper heat .   With the team here , we were able to find sponsorship to cover one room in each section .. that leaves us with 40 rooms @ $90 a room , or $3600 in total .  The heat gets turned back on Oct 15, so we are in a bit of a time constraint to get this done in time for the heating season .  If you would like to sponsor a room or two , we would truly appreciate the help.

After work at the mens home, we went to the village for lunch, then the team started work on the playground .  They spent the afternoon shoveling sand ... Tomorrow we dig fence post holes ... , then the team will be cooking supper for those we work with here.    Its amazing how they are pushing through till the end .. well done .

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