Sunday, September 22, 2013

More shashleek then 35 hungry teenagers could eat .. Sam would say " THATS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT !"

Today  was another incredible day . After church this morning , we gathered up 35 kids and headed to the mountains .  15 were kids from Jeremiah house and kids Emma works with and the other 20 are from another orphanage closs buy, they were all older kids that will soon be out of the orphanage system, so it was great for them to be with us and get to know that there is LIFE on the outside .  
this is where we set up camp

Go team under the spout where the glory comes out

Ed teaching the boys how to cook shashleek

Two days ago I called Vlady and said "hay Vlady would you like to cook for us in the mountains .. 60 of us " his response was " Yes of course"  Boy did he make us look good today .. more shashleek then the kids could eat, a fantastic ploff, and his famous layer pastry desert.  the kids eyes were rolling back in their heads.. the orphanage supervisor said that he has never seen these boys full before .

this beautiful girl came with Vlady to help cook.  she and her husband received a micro loan in the spring to build a cow barn and she wanted to help as a way of saying thankyou .. she is beautiful inside and out ,,,

along with the fun and games, the team set up a face painting station

stayed till the sun went down

then gave out hats mitts and scarfs

we gained another hour of sunlight once we got out of the mountains so we used it to visit the ancient city of Buranna 

the end of another glorious day

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