Wednesday, September 11, 2013

renovations started

 This afternoon we went over to  Jeremiah house to have a visit with the kids . 

 They were excited to here that the plans of the Halifax team include a a couple days with them .

 Renovations are coming along.  today we got the balconies cleared out and organized, we moved Maria's things from her spare room , the wall came down between the two balconies to make the hall to the new room .

 the new bedroom is all cleaned, and is ready to move into tomorrow when the boys come from Jeremiah to help move the furniture .

As well , Vlady is putting new wiring into the porch so it can handle an extra fridge , and a couple tosters and a hot plate .  We also went buy the bazaar to order the new dining room tables.  , they will be ready on Friday . 

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