Saturday, September 07, 2013

Make it so !

We are sitting in the Istanbul airport right now waiting for our next flight .  When we landed at JFK , David and Jayne had just landed seconds before us and our planes disembarked at the same gate, so we all walked out together .  It sure was nice to get to spend some time with them , catching up on so much, and making some plans with David for some counselling with our kids when he gets to Kyrgyzstan in a couple weeks . we walked them to their gate, then only had about 15 minutes before we boarded .   Next stop Istanbul , and a catch up / planing meeting with Ruby .. she is on her way from Bangladesh to Ukraine, driving the concept of " a world with out orphans "  .. we all need to catch the vision .. There is just so much going on everywhere , that  these were simply divine appointments ,  We left her at her gate a few hours ago, then had a little nap .  Woke up and continued the meetings on Skype and FB with Jengish and the girls in Kyrgyzstan, and worked on information and schedules for teams coming over the next couple months .

   Jengish brought up again the new orphanage in Bishkek .. he is very concerned , He said that his guys were just about in tears when they saw the conditions there .. and remembering that "His guys" were off the street themselves, I can just imagine what we will find there .. We have agreed to go there on our way home from the airport if we have it in us .  Maybe if we see first hand I will be able to plead their case with the same fervency that Jengish and the boys from "GFM Carvings"  have , we will be able to set some things strait there for them over the next couple months .. at least before winter.

  We have a few more meetings planed for the day , we have a lot to do to prepare for the teams, as well as touch base with all those we work with and get the updates on those they are helping . Monday will be a busy one getting all the tuition's started .. some we will be able to pay in full as sponsorship money has come in , but others we will be negotiating deposits as we wait for funds to make their way through the banks .  Please pray for favor everywhere we go this trip.. so many projects, so many lives being touched and so many coming to work along side us .. It is my prayer that each and every one of the 30 some odd people  ( some odder then others ) would have a personal connection this trip, and some how those being helped and those helping will feel that for that moment, that they are the centre of Gods will ..   Over the next few months, let us not see crowds of needy , and teams of workers, but see Individuals each precious in the eye of the Father, Some how use us to make it so.

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