Monday, September 16, 2013

Doing his part.

 In just a few hours we will be heading to the airport to pick up the first team of the fall .  Every one has been prepped, and the next few days are all in place .  We always work hard to have everything ready and well organized when a team comes.  We want for each person on the team to have the best experience possible.  More then that , this is an opportunity to pour in to the lives of those we work with here in Kyrgyzstan .   Having many hands and many hearts makes it so much easier. .

While we are hard at it with the teams , the work continues .  I want to share with you again about a story that I believe is an awesome one . One of Restoration and Mercy.. bringing HOPE and Dignity to others.  It is the story of Ermik.      It was not all the long ago that the world had turned its back on Ermik, and in turn he had turned his back on the world.  When Jengish found him on the streets, he was an alcoholic and a long history of prison .  likely would not have lasted one more winter . Over the last few years , together they have worked hard to turn that life around.  It is important to not just leave behind the old life, but to see a purpose and direction in a new life .  For Ermik, that is to take what gifting s he has, and direct them into a means to help others .    Together with Jengish and a few others , Ermik uses his master carving abilities to raise funds to support a homeless feeding program in the capital city Bishkek .

Here are a few of the carvings that he is working on now , they are not finished yet, but I just had to show you now.    This first one is a photo of Victor on the tracks after Kamala had brought him a food pack.  .  We have several of this carving being done for us, and soon will be available for sale with the proceeds going back to the feeding program.

This next carving is a special one he is working on for us.  I wanted to see what his custom carving portrait skills were like , so I gave him this photo of a couple cute kids that we know that have been adopted into a wonderful family in NY.   I was blown away as I watched their faces emerge.  who knew that on that hidden in this old willow plank hid to cute kids playing hid and seek .    I will post again when the carving is complete .   Personal portrait carvings from your photo will be available for a cost of $350 delivered . 

I think this would be a great family treasure for any home that will last generations  , not only is it a work of art by a redeemed  Kyrgyz man, it, it has a much deeper purpose.. to reach out to the least of these !
   As I think about Ermik, and the challenge that his life has become to all of us , I am reminded of a video I recently watched .   I have copied it below .  All through it I see the challenges that we cafe here every day ... If Ermik can do his part , certainly we can too , even if all you do is go to his FB page and share his story with your friends .

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