Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Visit from Luba

This morning we had Luba stop by on her way to University .  We had to give her her tuition .  I was a little short right now, but the school agreed to take $150 now and we can pay the other $150 in a month .  That will give me a little time to find a sponsor to cover that. 

Sergey , Luba and  baby Nadia 

what a cute baby ,.  

Right now we are in the middle of a huge renovation.  We have rented a room off of our neighbour that shares the same back balcony. The plan is to move the girls room into the new room, accessed through the balcony.  The old girls room will become the living room, and the current living room will become a dinning room with seating for up to 24  people.  It will also make a great project / art  room for Emma through the winter when she has kids over. But first we had to clean out the balcony that has been our storage room and laundry room for 5 years.  The rooms will be opened up by the end of the day , and we should be fully moved and set up by Friday.  That will give us Saturday to put the final touches on all the apartments before the teams start arriving on Monday .  

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